The main points of storage technology methods for rice

1. Storage characteristics: After the rice loses its protective layer, the nutrients are directly exposed. It is sensitive to the effects of external temperature, humidity and oxygen. It has strong hygroscopicity and a large amount of bacteria. It is easy for pests and molds to directly harm and ea ----more

Agricultural microbial agents practical technology

The divine ecological preparation can make the crop straws and wastes into green pollution-free biological straw feeds for livestock breeding, and the wastes of livestock and poultry wastes such as urban and rural domestic wastes can quickly turn into efficient organic bio-fertilizers through the ----more

Various types of rice fertilization management points

Rice has the differences of double-season rice, single-season rice, and hybrid rice, and they have great differences in nutrient requirements. However, on the whole, nitrogen is still the most important nutrient element in rice production. The requirement for rice nutrients (the nutrient required ----more

Grape winter base fertilizer is good

In winter, the grapes are fertilized mainly with organic fertilizers. In combination with the buried wintering and cold-proofing, on both sides of each row of grapes, 70-80 cm from the rhizomes, the gutters are applied with a ditch depth of about 60 cm, and the fertilizer and part of the topsoil a ----more

High-yielding Cultivation Technique of Cherry Tomato

Cherry tomatoes, also known as mini tomatoes, are fruity, fruity, sweet and refreshing, resistant to disease and storage, and often made of fruits and vegetables. They are popular with farmers and consumers and have a promising market. At present, the varieties planted include both domestic and for ----more

Largemouth turtle artificial breeding and breeding tech…

Wan Songliang (Hubei Fisheries Research Institute, Wuhan 430071) (1) Technical Profiles and Features The Silurus meridionalis Chen, also known as the southern bigmouth owl, is a large-scale economic fish produced in the mainstream of the Yangtze River. It is characterized by large individuals, fas ----more

The technology of fertilization of young trees of pomel…

Time nitrogen fertilizer, with the right amount of phosphorus and potassium. Work diligently. One month after planting, the top dressing can be started. From February to September, top dressing is performed once a month. The expansion of the soil is performed by expanding the soil to deepen the bas ----more