Methods and Measures for Increasing Dairy Milk Producti…

1, increase lighting method. According to experiments conducted by scientists at home and abroad, it is confirmed that in the first 60 days of lactation, there is no need to increase feed or change feed formula so that cattle can receive 16 hours of light each day, which is 10% more than that of d ----more

Medical devices will usher in a rapid development perio…

The medical device industry is the biggest beneficiary of the new medical reform policy. With the development of the economy, the increase in health investment, the aging of the population and the state's strong support for medical device technology innovation, the device industr ----more

Talk about cotton rotten bells and premature aging

In August and early September of this year, the cotton fields in the Yellow River Basin suffered from the depletion of bolls and premature aging after several consecutive rains, which resulted in a reduction in output and the farmers suffered considerable economic losses. Why does cotton rotten b ----more

Forced moulting should pay attention to what issues

(1) Selection of chickens: Under normal circumstances, chickens with low egg production rate in the first year do not need mandatory moulting (except for ancestral chickens) because the number of eggs produced in the second year is only 85 to 95% of a year. Only high-yielding chickens have the val ----more

Analysis of loratadine and its related substances using…

aims The HPLC method for the analysis of loratadine was successfully converted to the ACQUITY UPLC ® H-CLASS system and converted to the UPLC ® optimization method. background Testing of drugs and drugs is usually done by detecting impurities and related substances and active substances (A ----more

How to prevent falling fruit and fruit

Strictly control the temperature during the fruiting period of summer squash blossoms. During the daytime, the temperature in the shed is controlled at about 26°C and the night temperature is not lower than 15°C. Timely exposing the grass curtains to uncover the grass curtains in a timely m ----more

Efficient Feeding Mode and Its Key Technologies in Smal…

Optimize the environment of the pig house The new pig house requires a good internal and external environment, that is, ventilation, sunny, dry, and adequate water sources, which can prevent heat and moisture, and prevent freezing and stains. Surrounding areas should be planted with more trees and ----more