Early spring melon vegetable cultivation key technology…

Last year, the market for melons and vegetables was on the high side. After the spring of this year, the weather was mainly sunny and the temperature gradually recovered, and the inertia of the market predicted that the market prospects for this year's melon vegetable market are still promising ----more

Earth Element Processing Method

At present, there are two kinds of drying methods commonly used: drying and drying. No matter which method is used, the heat is mainly used to remove the moisture in the insect body. The water content of the flagpole paper is about 5%. Of course, it is better to contain no moisture. It is possible ----more

Rich bamboo leaf spot

Symptoms of leaf bamboo leaf spot occur on the leaves. The lesions were brown spots in the initial stage, with yellow edges; after the expansion, the lesions were nearly round, gray inside, dark brown on the edges, and surrounded by yellow, black particles appeared on the lesions under humid condit ----more

Key Points for Restoring Production Techniques after Fr…

This year, some tea regions in the country have experienced bad weather such as heavy snowfall, low temperature freezing, etc. that have not been encountered for decades, resulting in various degrees of snow disasters such as tea branch breaks, leaf discoloration and dryness, and dead branches. In ----more

Peanut mulching in spring

The application of the film-covered cultivation technology in peanut production can increase the temperature, preserve the seedlings, preserve the water and preserve the fertilizer, thereby achieving the purpose of increasing production and increasing income. Several issues that should be noted in ----more

New technology can increase rapeseed output by 4 times

At the 2007 National Science and Technology Awards Conference held in Beijing, Macheng, Hubei Province, “Low-temperature oil production and deep protein processing technology for oils” won the second prize in the National Science and Technology Progress Award. This technology is led by ----more

The benefits of fermented feed for drowning

The advantages of the fermented feed of eucalyptus water are many. The jinbaoyu fermented auxiliaries are obtained through a series of high-tech means such as separation, screening, mutagenesis, purification, and rejuvenation using the latest international microbiological engineering and technolog ----more