What are the four aspects of making silage fermentation…

What are the four aspects of making silage fermentation feeds? Grasses, legumes and many other green manures can be used as silage. Not only improve the quality but also fully improve the utilization. It is very cost-effective in the current situation where feed is expensive and scarce. So how can ----more

Jieru radish cultivation techniques

Jieruyubai radish is a type of half board half leaf, 45 days ago is mainly slats, more than 45 days later, more heat and disease resistance, good skin smoothness, white root bark, no head phenomenon . The root length is 25-30cm (the influence of different external environments on the root length is ----more

Common pesticides used in tea plantations

In the prevention and control of tea pests and diseases, chemical control is a major measure. However, chemical pesticides have the disadvantages of killing natural enemies, causing high toxicity, causing resistance to pests, and causing residual pollution to tea and the environment. There are many ----more

Before the spring agricultural machinery to use "c…

As the earth warms up and the spring plowing is on the way, the "iron cows" that have been placed for a winter have jumped out of the hangar and are active on the fields. Due to the characteristics of the climate and machinery itself, once the use of this season is improper, the agricultu ----more

Excessive working hours are more harmful than smoking i…

Release date: 2009-03-03 The British "Daily Mail" reported on the 25th, the latest research pointed out that the long-term work of the hazard is similar to smoking, leading to increased risk of Alzheimer's disease. The study found that among middle-aged commuters, compared with 41 ----more

Pregnancy prevention and solutions for female rabbits

How can we prevent dystocia? 1, early production and timely breeding. The first mating age of the female rabbit is about 5.5 months of age, and the weight is about 2.75 kg. If the age of first birth, weight is too high, too heavy, the difficult birth rate of the first-born female rabbits tends to ----more

The importance of the tipping over of the fermentation …

The importance of the overturning of the fermentation bed The management of the fermentation bed is very important. In management, the most important task is to turn over to the fermentation mattress material on a regular basis. Why do you have to turn over the bedding regularly and how do you tip ----more