The characteristics and cultivation techniques of summe…

I. Characteristics and popularization of summer sowing cotton The summer sowing cotton in Huang-Huai cotton district is generally selected from short-season cotton varieties. The general growth period is less than 110 days, the plant height is 70-80 cm, and the plants are compact and the fruiting b ----more

Hot season season melon vegetable nursery notes

Vegetables grown in high temperature season include celery, cabbage, broccoli, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, mustard, lettuce and autumn greenhouses, and solanaceae and melons grown in greenhouses. These vegetable seedlings often cause bad seeds, rotten roots, dead seedlings, seedlings, and leggy due ----more

Lettuce pests and their prevention

Lettuce is one of the main vegetables in Tonghai. It enjoys cool and cool weather, short days and wide adaptability. Its main pests and diseases are: 1. Downy Mildew: A fungal disease. The lettuce stem is parasitism. The incidence of adult plants is the most important. It mainly damages the leaves ----more

This year's beverage industry leader

This summer is not destined to be calm. Japan's nuclear radiation crisis Yu Wei is still in, catch up with the drought in the south and different from the constant high temperature, and suddenly put the green bean drink that can prevent heatstroke and detoxification and radiation prote ----more

Summer raising bee four points

Hot summer weather, bees labor intensity, life expectancy is greatly reduced, bees spawning reduction, bee mortality is greater than the number of births, the group tends to decline in general trend. If the management is slightly poor, the number of bees will fall below 40%, making it impossible to ----more

Gansu promoted the implementation of the new version of…

Business Club May 18 News Recently, the Gansu Food and Drug Administration issued a notice to make arrangements and arrangements for the implementation of the new version of the drug GMP in the province. According to the above notification, the food and drug supervision department of Gans ----more

Characteristics and application of microporous filter e…

Characteristics and application of microporous filter element Clicks: 4461 Release time: 2011/5/20 Microporous filter element characteristics and application Microporous filter element: polypropylene film (PP) filter, PTFE membrane (PTFE) filter, cellulose acetate membrane (CN ----more