Green Tree and Material Tree Pruning

1. When conifer trees are planted, they can repair stub branches, dead branches, and long branches, leaving only one upright branch. After 5-15 years of afforestation, the dense branches were repaired, and the collaterals were repaired for 1-2 rounds, and repaired every 4-5 years. When poplars are ----more

Grasp the long branch pruning of peach trees

With the changes in the density of planting peaches and the development of facility cultivation, the technique of pruning and trimming has also undergone great changes. Long branch pruning has been used more and more. Compared with the traditional short branch pruning, the long branch pruning has ----more

Selecting Imported Food Needs "Two Looks and One L…

Whether it is importing Japanese foods or other national foods, it is necessary to pay attention to some points when purchasing foods. Otherwise, it is likely that they will choose to import foods that are not formal and have failed to “eat food”. The Department of Nutrition a ----more

Ministry of Agriculture: Vegetable output reached 677 m…

The Ministry of Agriculture announced on December 16 that while national agricultural production in the country achieved an “eight-fold increase” in grain production in 2011, the economic crops such as cottonseed oil, sugar, and fruit and vegetable tea all rose in line, achievi ----more

Controlling points of cold shed in grey mold of leeks

Botrytis cinerea is an important disease commonly occurring in cold winter sheds in winter and spring. The disease began in early December. With the growth and development of leeks, the condition gradually worsened, and can continue until the second half of next year. Severe reduction in productio ----more

Successful Marketing of High-end Foods First Must Be Do…

Each type of food has the opportunity to make high-end brand consumers often see the high-end foods are: high-end cigarettes, high-end liquor, high-end wine, ginseng, abalone fish seafood, high-end health products, tea seed oil, olive oil, high-grade tea , high-grade rice, high-end beverag ----more

Improper management of strawberry deformity

Strawberry is often mismanaged or the environment is not suitable for malformed fruit, usually the following situations. First, excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer, strawberry growth, differentiation of more than two flower buds at the growing point, easy to form a flat chicken fruit after aggreg ----more