Chemical herbicide reasonable use technology--variety s…

In recent years, with the development of agricultural production, chemical weeding has generally been used instead of manual weeding. Chemical weeding has the advantages of saving time, labor, and weeding. However, the technical requirements for chemical weeding are high, and it is not easy to gra ----more

Meat donkey fattening

The donkey has strong adaptability and stress resistance, strong cold resistance and heat resistance, extensive feeding and management conditions, wide food habitability, resistance to roughage, high forage utilization, strong disease resistance, high survival rate, and temperament The docile mann ----more

Use of soybean meal in feed for carp

Current Soybean Product Consumption in Feeds Soybean meal has been used for 60 years in carp feed, but it is used only in the post-fishing period and in small quantities. Other soy products that have been evaluated in quail feed include soy protein concentrates, soy protein isolates, full fat soy ----more

Bean purifying and rejuvenating method

The degraded varieties of beans are late, the yield is low, and the quality is poor. The method of purification and rejuvenation can be used. Set the bean in the isolation area is self-pollination, the natural hybrid rate is below 4%, sometimes due to variety, climate and other effects, the hybri ----more

Sweet cherry summer and autumn need to defend

The sweet cherry trees are most afraid of standing water, and yellow leaves, wilting, dead branches, poor tree growth, reduced yields, and even dead trees, resulting in irregular sweet cherry or low yields. After suffering, it can increase the occurrence of fluid injection. Therefore, the cherry o ----more

Pay attention to shoe repair

In the production process of raising sheep, besides doing a good job of feeding management and grazing in the four seasons, we must also pay attention to sheep's hoof repair every year. The sheep's hooves also grow and develop like Other organs. However, the long hooves are not only useles ----more

Corn big bell mouth to fine tube

The big bell-mouth period of corn is the period from jointing to tasselling. It is the period of vegetative growth and reproductive growth. The growth of roots, stems, and leaves is very strong, the volume is rapidly expanding, the dry weight is increased sharply, and tassels have matured. The str ----more