Onion seedlings do a good job at five points

Onions in the south-central provinces of Dingzhou, Feixiang, Ji’er, and other vegetable areas have a large area of ​​cultivation. This type of vegetable has the characteristics of low input, high yield, simple management, and high efficiency. It is a commercial production of v ----more

Problems and Countermeasures in Fertilizer Application

With the introduction of high-yield, high-quality, high-efficiency, ecological, and safety goals for agricultural production in the new era, higher requirements have been put forward for chemical fertilizer application technologies. Investigate and understand the problems existing in the applicati ----more

Medicinal Plants Anthracnose

Herbal name Hemerocallis fulva L. Alias ​​lily, a perennial root plant of Liliaceae, root medicine. With heat diuretic effect. Distributed throughout the country. Symptoms The lesions on the leaves were irregular to long, grayish or light brown, and the lesions were severely fused, ----more

Foliar fertilization should pay attention to several po…

Foliar fertilization technology has the advantages of faster transformation, higher fertilizer use efficiency, and better root absorption of nutrients than soil fertilization. Foliar fertilizer can be roughly divided into a large number of element fertilizers, micro-fertilizers, organic fertilizer ----more

High-efficiency aquatic fertilizer application method

According to the physiological and physiological characteristics of plankton and algae in the modern aquaculture water environment, livestock manures are treated with advanced microbial fermentation technology, and complex strains of photosynthetic bacteria, yeast, actinomycetes, Bacillus, and ace ----more

Fertilizer applied to crops

Research and practice have proved that the use of chemical fertilizers or organic fertilizers to control pests and diseases of crops is not only economical, safe, and effective, but also can save pesticides. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of fertilizing and does not harm natural ----more

Ammonium sulfate application method and matters needing…

Ammonium sulphate, also known as ammonium sulphate, is the earliest nitrogen fertilizer produced and used at home and abroad. It is usually treated as a standard nitrogen fertilizer with a nitrogen content of between 20% and 21%. Ammonium sulphate is pure white crystal. Its by-products are yellowis ----more