Incubator use and maintenance

Incubator use and maintenance: (1) The culture in the box should not be over-squeezed to facilitate hot air convection. The items should be closed whenever the items are placed or removed to avoid temperature fluctuations. (2) The electrothermal incubator should be p ----more

Strengthen celery seedling management

At present, the colonization of celery is nearing the end, and the celery after the planting coincides with the high temperature and high humidity, which makes the celery sapling slowly and even causes dead seedlings. For this year's special weather, vegetable farmers should strengthen the fie ----more

International Grain Council cuts global corn production

The International Grains Council (IGC) released its monthly report on the 24th, saying that due to the impact of the drought, crop reductions in the United States and Russia have reached a foregone conclusion, so the estimated global corn production in the fall of 2012 will be reduced by 3 ----more

Screw air compressor installation precautions

First, the installation site A suitable installation site is a prerequisite for proper use of the air compressor system. The installation site should be selected to ensure the maintenance of the air compressor in the future, and avoid the abnormal operation of the air compressor due to the unsatis ----more

Waters Solutions - Nucleotide Analysis in Dairy Product…

Adding uridine (UMP), cytosine (CMP), adenylate (AMP), guanylate (GMP), inosinic acid (IMP) and other nucleotides to the milk powder to improve the baby's Immunomodulatory function and memory. Current challenges in nucleotide analysis : Due to the high polarity of nucleotides, it is difficult ----more

Eat chili in the fall to guard against getting angry

The climate in the autumn is dry. For those who like to eat spicy food, getting fire, constipation, and sore throat may find it. It should be noted that during the cooking process, if chili peppers have already been placed, do not put hot ingredients such as pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, etc., otherw ----more

Yellow corn leaves, the zinc

In recent days, many farmers’ friends have called to reflect on the yellowing of the leaves of the corn. The author learned from the field that it was a deficiency of the disease and that the performance of the field leaves should be zinc deficiency. Corn hi-zinc fertilizer is well-known, ----more