Straw efficient application technology under straw burn…

(Neixiang County, Henan Province, Qingyuan, Yugoslavia, Saussurea species of snow lotus seed breeding base) The recent peak of the autumn harvest spring is when a large amount of straw stays in the field, which not only affects the planting but also has a serious impact on road traffic and the env ----more

Goose Feeding "Three Looks"

In addition to the influence of species, age, and feeding and management, the amount of eggs produced by female geese is an important link in increasing the egg production of geese. Looking at lyophilized feeding goslings, a large amount of fat deposits around the ovary and fallopian tubes, which ----more

Autumn Laying Pouch Cheats Introduction

First, feed awakening pills: Give each broody hen to feed 1 pill awake pills every day and feed it for two days. After the medicine is given, the water is allowed to be freely consumed by the hens, and the hens are not fed. The hens can be roused after three or four days. Second, feed vinegar: In ----more

Talking about the fattening of meat rabbits

First, choose a good fattening feed. The fattening feed for meat rabbits should be based on concentrates, supplemented by green materials. If self-preparation of mixed concentrates is required, 15% crude fiber, 17% crude protein, and 2.5% fat are required. The most suitable fattening feeds include ----more

Balancing carrots with high commodity quality

The black peel and lignification of carrots were mainly manifested in the early development of the root system and the growth point was necrotic. In the latter period, the root skin of the plant produced a dark brown color, which did not penetrate deep inside, but reduced the commerciality of the ----more

Initial processing of root and underground stem Chinese…

After such medicinal materials are harvested, the soil must generally be washed first to remove fibrous roots, reed heads, and residual foliage, and then sizing and grading. Fresh and cut into pieces or sections, and then dried or dried, such as white peony and salvia miltiorrhiza. , Achyranthes, P ----more

Wild boar feed collocation

Wild boar has gradually become a substitute for domestic pigs and a new type of green health food because of its characteristics of less fat, high nutritional value, and rich game flavor. Special wild boars have less food intake and are generally fed twice a day. It is raw and eaten raw, mixed foo ----more