Late rice high temperature resistant cooked

Early rice is often damaged due to high temperature during heading and flowering to the grain filling stage, resulting in reduced production. High temperature damage to this period is mainly in two stages: First, before and after flowering, the viability of pollen is weakened, so that pollination i ----more

Rey rabbits in summer feeding management

Rabbits have the saying "winter is easy, summer is difficult to raise", the same is true for rabbits. Because the sweat glands of the rex rabbits are very underdeveloped, in the summer season when the temperature is high and the humidity is high, the appetite due to heat often causes a lo ----more

How to do peony rot, bud?

To prevent rot and root bud peony, you can take the following approach: 1, watering, fertilizer should be timely, appropriate. Since the peony is a fleshy root, it is not easy to water more, and it is not suitable for pouring water, especially for water, otherwise, it is easy to rot and rot. Reason ----more

How to cultivate agaricus

Agaricus bisporus (commonly known as round mushroom, oceanic mushroom), is a kind of grass rot fungi, low-temperature mushrooms, northern China is rich in straw, wheat straw, the climate is suitable for the growth of Agaricus bisporus, has great potential for development. 1. Agaricus bisporus growt ----more

Jinan Fengnong: Using rapeseed to refine diesel

After the German rapeseed oil auto fuel project is put into operation in Jinan, it not only will digest the current limited rapeseed production in the province, but also will greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of farmers in the neighboring provinces to plant rapeseed, drive the development of the fee ----more

Fruit-type cucumber cultivation techniques

Fruit-type cucumber is a fresh cucumber that has been popularized in recent years. It is compact and short-sized, has no thorns and easy cleansing, is crispy in taste, and has a strong flavor. Its nutrient content is significantly higher than that of ordinary cucumbers. It is popular among hotels, ----more

Quality Identification of High Quality Spray Dry Plasma…

Due to the special effects of plasma protein powder, it is gradually used in domestic high-grade sucking pig feed. It can indeed reduce the incidence of diarrhea, increase daily weight gain and improve the body resistance of suckling pigs. However, because of its high price, complicated processing ----more