Green Sail

Variety characteristics: Self-reproducing regeneration ability, community special long. Strong crickets, well-developed pods on the ground, can quickly cover the surface. Resistant to hot and humid, frost-resistant, more drought-resistant. Strong resistance to pests and diseases, resistance to ----more

Bee Mint

Monarda didyma Lamiaceae Classification perennial herb Plant height is about 50-80 cm Seed germination 10-14 days Mature time 80-100 days Flowering summer Flower pink or dark red Use part leaves, flowers Alias ​​scented mint. Lemon mint tube bee vanilla, bergamot. Perennial ----more

Is potato only basal?

Is basal fertilizer only not fat? Mr. Shao of Mudanjiang in Heilongjiang Province said on the phone that he does not grow fertilizer on potatoes and the output is not low! Why is that? Experts: The black soil in the northeast is high in fertility and can be used as a base fertilizer without ferti ----more

Root growth characteristics and fertilization of apple

The apple tree starts from the beginning of germination, and the roots begin to absorb. Until the end of April, root absorption can occur. The main factors that restrict the occurrence of root absorption and activity are the level of storage nutrition and the temperature of the ground. The "n ----more

African cricket

【Overview】 African crickets, also known as African violets, belong to the family Gesneriaceae. It is a poetic flower that is famous in the world for its potted flowers. It is especially popular in Europe and America. After discovering Africans in France in 1893 in Africa, it was not u ----more

Flower tobacco

?e name: American flower tobacco, tobacco flower, tobacco flower. Family name: Solanaceae. Scientific name: Nicotiana sanderae. Morphological characteristics: The annual herbaceous plant height is about 30 to 50 cm, and the stems and leaves have fine hairs. Flower top, flower stem 30 cm long, f ----more


inflorescence. Flowering from April to May. The flowers resemble doves in their shape. The white bracts resemble the wings of a dove. The dark red flower heads resemble the heads of pigeons. The columns of yellowish green dove are the mouths of pigeons. The reputation is called "Chinese pigeon ----more