Sunflower oil is good for continuous soybean production

In the past two years, Li Cunzhen and Dong Xiao Bi Village in Luquan City have used soybean oil as the soybean planting model. The yield per mu is 1,000 yuan higher than that of wheat and corn. Its main cultivation techniques are as follows: I. Oil sunflower 1. Use resistant varieties. Select hi ----more

Safe operation of disposable infusion

Release date: 2010-01-19 For the majority of consumers, the majority of the use of medical devices occurs in medical institutions, that is to say, the medical behavior of medical staff in medical institutions directly affects the medical safety of consumers. Therefore, "Medical Device Week ----more

Qiaozhi newborn neonate rabbits do not eat milk

Newborn pups do not have lactation due to nutritional imbalance in the late pregnancy. This disease occurs within 2-3 days after the birth of the pups. In the same litter, some or entire litters occur one after the other. The sick pigs showed no breast milk, the skin was cool and dark, the body w ----more

Raw feed feeding pigs

Feeding pigs with raw feed not only saves fuel, saves money, and saves labor, but also increases pig feed intake, promotes weight gain, and improves feed returns. (A) The choice of raw feed The raw feed can be mainly grass seed, such as corn, wheat, rice and other processing by-products such as r ----more

During the low temperature period, it is the key to pre…

For the vegetable growers who grow bean, the most troublesome problem is the falling of flowers in the winter, because the beans have higher requirements for temperature, light, humidity, and nutrients. Once they are not well managed, they can easily cause falling flowers and falling down. Therefo ----more

The main cause of Newcastle disease after flock immuniz…

In recent years, although many chicken farms have been immunized against Newcastle disease, Newcastle disease has also occurred as usual. To address this practical problem, we conducted surveys on chicken farms and conducted investigations mainly related to the following reasons: . 1. The increas ----more

Intensive control of cucumber to prevent breaks

The price of cucumber before the Spring Festival is generally the highest price in a year. In order to win high yields a few years ago, vegetable growers generally increase the amount of remaining fruits, thus “plundering” plant nutrients, leading to weak growth of cucumbers, yellowing ----more