How to reduce the loss of wheat combine harvesting oper…

Choose the right job and job time. The best time for wheat harvesting is waxing and ripening. The operating time of the combine harvester should be determined according to the specific conditions of the weather, and the principle of late delivery and late delivery is generally adopted. You can mak ----more

Product environmental adaptability testing equipment---…

Beijing Hongda Tianmao Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of environmental testing and testing equipment. After years of development, it always adheres to scientific and technological innovation and quality service. It has strong production stre ----more

Wild old series dry direct paddy field sealing treatmen…

Dry direct seeding of rice from the sowing to the seedlings at the heart of the three leaves 1 to establish the water layer, during which the alternate wet and dry environment in the past one month is conducive to the weeds sprouting, rational application of pesticides in addition to ensure the su ----more

Barley cultivation techniques for beer

Beer-fed barley is a high-quality feed crop, with the advantages of early maturity, disease resistance, lodging resistance, cold resistance, high yield, and wide adaptability. The growth period is about 150--160 days. Mainly should grasp the following several technical measures: 1. Select good va ----more

Successful construction of new bio-nanoelectronic trans…

Release date: 2010-05-19 - Prosthetic limbs are expected to be directly "connected" to the human nervous system According to a report by the American Physicist Network on May 13, scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory built a bio-nanoelectronic hybrid transistor tha ----more

Wheat straw returning technology

1. After the dwarf stubble has been returned to the field, the wheat will be harvested and dwarfed by a combine harvester. The height of the loquat shall not exceed 15 cm to prevent sorghum or harvesting. 2. The mechanical comminution and returning to the field have shredding machinery, but the st ----more

The technical points of pumpkin powder processing

1. Raw material selection: choose old pumpkin with good flavor, smooth skin, golden yellow or orange flesh. 2, selection, cleaning, disinfection: to net guadi and cucurbits, with flowing water to wash debris, dead leaves and other debris into the disinfectant pool containing 0.1% potassium perman ----more