China's raw material medicine exports entering a re…

Business Club on November 12th at the 65th China International Pharmaceutical Raw Material Medicine Conference, the experts disclosed to reporters, "China's bulk drug exports after a rapid growth of 20% or so in 3-4 years, 2009-2010 entered The period of relative stagnation has sh ----more

How to process pumpkin biscuits?

In a broad sense, biscuits should belong to the category of baked goods in convenience foods. However, due to rapid development, industrial large-scale production has been formed separately. Due to process technology and equipment, new products continue to emerge. The pumpkin biscuit here is as the ----more

High-yielding hens

First, the pine needles fed not only nutritious, but also contains phytoalexin, can promote the growth of livestock and poultry, prevent gastrointestinal diseases and various vitamin deficiency. According to statistics, adding 6% pine needle powder to the chicken diet can increase the egg productio ----more

Potato potato chips price increases in disguise

Recently, price increases have become a common melody for many agricultural and sideline products. The original obscure potato was sold at 1.2 yuan/kg at the same time last year. The retail price of potatoes has risen to more than 2 yuan this year. The reporter recently found out during an ----more

Cucumber stems pus is suffering from rickets?

Not long ago, the stalks of cucumbers grown in their homes appeared as pus-like liquids, and the stems of the stalks slowly decayed. What kind of disease is this? This situation of cucumbers grown in the home is likely to be caused by the disease, which begins to produce oval or spindle-shaped, wh ----more

German invention of a new vision chip

Release date: 2010-11-11 German researchers have reported that they have invented an electronic chip that can be implanted into the eye to replace the damaged retinal cells to emit sensitization signals. A blind patient who has been blind for many years can already identify the items in front o ----more

Zhengyang Building Dry sausage

Curing is a traditional method of producing meat products and keeping meat in China. Curing products have special flavor, aroma and color, and are resistant to storage. Curing process does not require a lot of processing equipment. Zhengyang Lou dried sausage is savory, dry, not hard, long-lasting, ----more