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Product features : The forklift scale refers to a weighing system consisting of a high-precision load cell and an intelligent digital display instrument based on a small manual hydraulic lift truck. The electronic forklift scale realizes the cargo handling and weighing synchronization. The data for each weighing can be displayed automatically. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy lifting, convenient turning and accurate measurement.
The electronic forklift scale is developed on the basis of rich experience in the manufacture of weighing equipment. It is mainly used for the weighing and counting of goods in storage operations, such as the weighing of railway and highway goods; the finished product warehouse of industrial and mining enterprises, Semi-finished goods warehouse goods into and out of the library weighing and so on.
The electronic forklift scale is equipped with a rechargeable battery and a charger. It can be used for 55-60 hours per charge and charging time is 8-12 hours.
Model : XK3190 series hydraulic truck electronic scale , hydraulic truck electronic scale , pallet truck electronic scale , pallet truck electronic scale - hydraulic forklift electronic scale , hydraulic forklift electronic scale . Available sizes : 1150mm × 580mm × 85mm ~ 200mm or 1220mm × 700mm × 85mm ~ 200mm
Zui weighing : 1 ton 2 tons 2.5 tons 3 tons
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Diligence - sinus (sitting machine: )

Weighing scales the main technical specifications:

1 ) . Accuracy level: OIML ( III ) level.

2 ) . Rated weighing: 1T~10T

3 ) . Sense     Amount: 0.5kg

4 ) . Operating temperature range meter: -10 °C ~ +40 °C; sensor: -40 °C ~ +80 °C.
) . Relative humidity of the environment: 95%
Safe overload: 150% Max
Operating voltage: 220V ± 10%;
) . Frequency: 50Hz

Weighing weighing technical parameters:
Table internal resolution 1 / 1 , 000 , 000
Zero adjustment range -100%~50%
Full scale adjustment range sixteen steps
Sensor excitation power supply DC15V ; I≥ 350mA
Operating temperature 0 ~ 40 °C
Power supply voltage 220V AC (± 10% ), 50 ± 1Hz
Humidity ≤ 90%

Electronic forklift scale, product features :

*      Electronic scale for handling and weighing at the same time

*      Especially suitable for weighing of goods in logistics operations such as railways, highways, commerce, industrial and mining.

*      The weighing platform consists of a hydraulic manual handling mechanism and weighing elements

*      Hydraulically driven platform lifts, manual vehicle operation

*      Special sensor, special weighing instrument, zero setting, peeling, accumulating, etc.; unit can be switched ( kg/1b );

*      Rechargeable battery

*      High weighing accuracy and stable performance

*      The surface is treated with dust-removing spray, which has the characteristics of anti-corrosion and anti-rust;

*      Self-contained cylinder with functions of lifting, lowering and moving;

*      RS232 communication interface is optional;

*      Can be equipped with a micro printer (user-selected);

*      AC and DC.

Electronic forklift scale, standard configuration:

*      Hydraulic lift manual truck

*      4 UK imported ( KLA ) type dedicated load cells

*      Special weighing instrument

Forklift electronic scales principle, structural features outlined: forklift electronic scales are mounted on the vehicle is a boom cylinder into the oil return oil path and two pressure sensors, a change of cylinder pressure in the boom lift vehicle is measured, and The speed is adjusted and the central processor in the on-board instrument automatically calculates the weight data and displays the resulting weight on the meter screen. During the process of lifting the dump truck, the pressure sensor transmits the signal to the computer for data conversion processing; when the locomotive shovel the cargo, the boom immediately retracts to the starting position, and the forklift electronic scale immediately displays the weight of the cargo; when the locomotive is dumped, The screen shows the cumulative weight; when the bucket falls below the starting point, the screen shows the total accumulated weight of the goods.

Forklift electronic scales consist of :

1. Two pressure sensors for measuring the pressure change of the vehicle hydraulic system;

2. A proximity switch, the system collects pressure data when the boom is lifted to the proximity switch;

3. On-board instrument, symmetrical heavy data is calculated, and the weighing result is displayed on the screen of the meter.

Forklift electronic scale operating environment :

1. Forklift electronic scale should be preheated during use, lifting the boom 5-10 times, is the oil pressure and sensor preheating to normal working temperature

2. In operation, when the bucket is lifted, firstly, the joystick's joystick should be placed in the extreme position, that is, the bucket is at the rear end of the Zui

3. The boom system should be strictly lubricated to reduce the friction coefficient of the boom

4. Select a flatter ground for weighing

5. The process of lifting the boom should be evenly controlled.

6. It is better to set zero when the car stops driving.

7. The weighing process avoids driving on the road. If you need to drive, you should control the speed at around 10KM/h .

8. If multiple buckets are equipped, the bucket used must be corrected when weighing

9. The electronic scale starts the car before starting the machine, and then turns off the car power after the electronic scale is turned off.

10. Avoid water flow like instrument when cleaning, avoid damage

Electricity child cross car scales Standard quasi- Match Set :

1. Hydraulic lifting manual truck

2.4 British imported (KLA) type special weighing sensors

3. Special weighing instrument

4. Rechargeable battery, charger

5. Scale station ruler Inch : 1150mm × 580mm × 85mm ~ 200mm   1220mm × 700mm × 85mm ~ 200mm

6. zui Big Weigh Weight : 1T, 2T, 2.5T, 3T

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