Analysis of causes of chicken abdominal swelling in late winter

If the intraperitoneal cavity is water, it is caused by a reproductive-type transmission in the fallopian tube.

The main symptoms

The chickens of all ages of the disease are susceptible, and there are multiple chicks from 1 to 6 weeks old, especially before 10 days old. The diseased chickens only exhibit transient, minor respiratory symptoms that are easy to ignore or cause diagnostic errors. The fallopian tube, which is mainly invaded by reproductive-type transmission, causes fallopian tube dysplasia or cysts. This in turn creates a "fake hen."


Elimination of sick chickens, large groups of anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, control of secondary infection. Yolk peritonitis (treatment of E. coli) can also lead to abdominal enlargement, specific analysis of specific issues.

1. Perform high-temperature filling and ensure that the temperature is constant and not lower than 35°C in the first three days. The birds were evenly distributed and did not show mouth breathing as a criterion. Since the temperature of winter brooding is not easy to control, the incidence of flock is higher.

2. Strictly sterilize contaminated chicken farms.

3.1-3 days old eyes with Re-H120-P26, 1-2 drops each. 10-20 days free.

To eliminate chickens in a timely manner, appropriate use of anti-virus and antibiotic drugs to control, combined with multidimensional drinking water to increase egg production rate.

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