Autumn Laying Pouch Cheats Introduction

First, feed awakening pills: Give each broody hen to feed 1 pill awake pills every day and feed it for two days. After the medicine is given, the water is allowed to be freely consumed by the hens, and the hens are not fed. The hens can be roused after three or four days.

Second, feed vinegar: In the morning to the broody hen to feed 1 tablespoon vinegar fasting, feed 1 at night, and even feed for three or four days to wake up.

Third, the hydrochloride ephedra tablets: each broody hens fed 0.025 grams of hydrochloric acid ephedrine tablets. If the effect is not obvious, you can wake up the next day.

IV. Feeding Dan: Feeding each hen's hens about 13 capsules early and late, and feeding them for 3 to 5 days, you can wake up and hold them.

5. Injecting triple hormones: Inject 0.5 to 1 ml of triad hormone into the chest muscles of each broody hen. If you do not see cuddling, you will be given a second injection every 3 days and you will be able to wake up after 10 days.

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