Bee Mint

Monarda didyma


Classification perennial herb

Plant height is about 50-80 cm

Seed germination 10-14 days

Mature time 80-100 days

Flowering summer

Flower pink or dark red

Use part leaves, flowers

Alias ​​scented mint. Lemon mint tube bee vanilla, bergamot. Perennial herb, scented; flower color, aroma, orange like oil, hard stems with branching, leaf nodes reddish, leaves with margins, oval tip apically, odor like camphor tree, pollen Red or dark red, flowering in summer. Planted soil must be fertile, moist, moist and well drained.

Cultivation: The sun is well ventilated, well-drained sandy loam or deep loam soil is preferred. Seeds live, 2-3 tablets per hole, plant spacing 30-40CM, seedlings sparse at 5 cm height, fertilized once in 2-3 months, longer and more luxuriant plants, annual trimming, favorable plant growth

Uses: Eastern North America often uses tender leaves for bartending, special drinks, cold salads, leaf extracts for hair, hair care, headaches and fever

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