Can blackfish be cultured through cages?

1, cage specifications: breeding black fish cage cross-country scissor aerial work platform should not be large, usually with 15-33 square meters of small cages, mesh size depends on the size of the black fish and bait fish, not Drilling prevails.

2, stocking density and specifications: 5-50 grams per square meter stocking size / tail of black fish species 8-16 tail, requires the same box of black fish species specifications, so as not to be in the case of insufficient food to kill each other. The stocking work should be completed before the end of April. If the stocks are not concentrated, they can be stocked one after another.

3, the choice of black species: At present, most of the black species come from natural species, so when selecting black species, they are required to choose the species that are captured by fishing nets, such as dip nets, cormorants, and Kyushu bags, and catch most with hook fishing. Injuries should not be used.

4. Set habitat shelters: stock some of the plants in the tank, covering an area of ​​no more than 70%, as a blackfish habitat and hidden places.

5, feeding method: black fish is a carnivorous fish, like eating live fish, live shrimp, quail, can not be fed with hard thorn fish. Generally from the end of April to start feeding, the amount of daily feeding by 2-5% of the total weight of blackfish, bait fish size can be swallowed black fish prevail, the annual bait coefficient is controlled at about 4.

6, anti-escape measures: cages on the water part of Beijing to maintain a psychological counseling about 1 meter, and the need to add hood nets, cover width of about 0.5 meters to prevent blackfish flea escape. In addition, we must always check whether the net clothes are bitten by water mice.

Laser Pain Relief Machine

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