Causes and Prevention of Death of Sweet Pepper

Dead tree causes and corresponding measures:

1, soil compaction, soil water after a long time the water content is large, sweet pepper root permeability is poor, resulting in serious occurrence of dead trees. Most of the high-temperature sheds built by vegetable farmers were built by bulldozers. During the construction process, the underlying soil in the sheds was particularly tight and uneven due to mechanical operations. Even if the topsoil is flattened and the planting water is poured after the planting, it will cause a small area of ​​ridge water to produce dead trees.

2. Pericyclic rot occurs at the base of the plant stem, causing the whole plant to die. This situation is generally caused by too high ground temperature and excessive humidity. The summer planting season is generally from the end of June to the beginning of July, which coincides with the high temperature season. Seedlings planted just after planting are short and their leaves are few and do not form effective shading and the soil temperature is too high. Coupled with high humidity. Therefore, the sweet pepper seedlings are prone to stem rot in this high temperature, high humidity environment. It is suggested that the shaded nets must be covered during summer planting, and when the temperature is too high, small water can be properly poured several times, which can play the role of replenishing water and cooling. The old shed film that was planted in the late summer and early autumn should be replaced later. Generally after September 25, the new film is best, and it is not necessary to cover the film at that time. It is better to cover the plastic film after October, or during the shaping and shaping period of sweet peppers. In order to avoid infection due to high temperature and high humidity in the soil, the roots of plant stems will rot and die.

3, improper use of fertilizer caused by burning root and dead trees. The cultivation of sweet peppers is generally not to concentrate on fertilization, but it is also impossible to use unfamed chicken manure and bean cake. The correct method of use should fully spread the fertilized material and spread it evenly in the shed, and then turn the ground. After ridging, the sheds are filled with water so that soil sterilisation can be achieved and fleas can be created. The agricultural operation is generally ready 20 days before planting. It can effectively prevent the sweet pepper seedlings from burning roots after colonization and form small old seedlings and even cause dead tree phenomenon.

Chemical control

If the phenomenon of dead trees in the process of planting the former tends to be serious, Zhuangbobo can be used to treat the soil, generally 75 to 100 pounds per mu, or even if it is mixed with 1 kilogram of carbendazim and fine soil per acre, it should be scattered before the ridge. At the bottom of the ridge, it can kill some of the harmful germs in the soil, effectively preventing the spread of pathogens from the Shangyu disease and reducing the death of sweet peppers.

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