Characteristics and application of microporous filter element

Characteristics and application of microporous filter element

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Microporous filter element characteristics and application Microporous filter element: polypropylene film (PP) filter, PTFE membrane (PTFE) filter, cellulose acetate membrane (CN-CA) filter, filtration accuracy from 0.1-60um, The length is 10; 20; 30 and 40 inches (ie 250; 500; 750; 1000mm). The above filter element has a withstand voltage of 0.42mpa and can be recoiled. The interface mode has two types: plug-in type (222, 226 seats) and flat mouth type.

When the microporous filter is shipped from the factory, the filter element of different forms and materials must be configured according to the purpose of filtration and media before use. For example, GMP factory pharmaceutical water can be used in series with 5um and 1.oum folded film simple filter. In the fermentation industry, air filtration, as shown in the figure, can be used to sterilize the incoming air. In addition to phage filtration, the tail gas can be sealed for treatment to achieve the US bacterial filtration HIM standard.

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