Comparison between Traditional Duck and Ecological Fermentation Bed Duck Technology

Ecological breeding of fermentation beds is a mainstream model that is now advocated and recommended by society. Compared with traditional ducks, what are the similarities and differences?
Take Jinbao eco-fermentation bed as an example, the ecological duck breeding and management in the fermentation bed is the same as the traditional duck-drinking model:
1. As with traditional ducks, ducks in the fermentation beds should also pay attention to duck seedlings for epidemic prevention. They should lay a good vaccine and control the occurrence of diseases.
2. The breeding density should be appropriate and keep at: 5-6/sq.
3. The size of ducklings is as balanced and healthy as possible;
4. The duck house curtain should be open to facilitate ventilation, remove excess water from the fermentation house, and call sunroofs and windows in time.
5. When the weather is hot and humid, especially in the midsummer, turn on the forced ventilation of the fan so as to achieve the aim of preventing it from cooling.
Jinbao dry-sacrificing ecological duck has the following advantages compared with traditional duck:
1. Solved the problem of difficult handling of duck manure. The feces can be fermented and degraded by the microorganisms in the litter and transformed into bacterial proteins to provide nutrition for the ducks. There is no odor in the house, no mosquitoes and flies, and the environment is fresh, thus solving the problem of new rural construction;
2. Reduce duck disease and improve duck quality. There are statistics of 1000 ducks and less than 4 ducks. And each duck can save 0.3 to 0.5 yuan on average.
3. Significantly increase labor productivity. The duck house does not need to clear manure every day, which can save more than 50% of labor force;
4. Overcoming the problem of slow winter growth. The ducks grow healthy on the Ginpo fermentation bed, which increases the growth rate of the ducks and can be slaughtered about 4 days in advance.
5. Improve the economic benefits of ducks. The initial investment cost of ducks in ecological fermentation beds is more than that of traditional ducks. However, considering the total cost and benefits of investment, the economic benefits of fermented-bed ducks will be higher. Each duck can save a lot of expenses such as medicine, feed, and water and electricity; the ratio of feed to meat is calculated to be about 1.85:1, a duck is 12.4 kg, and weight is 6.27 kg. For details, please contact: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone Toll Free Hotline:

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