Controlling points of cold shed in grey mold of leeks

Botrytis cinerea is an important disease commonly occurring in cold winter sheds in winter and spring. The disease began in early December. With the growth and development of leeks, the condition gradually worsened, and can continue until the second half of next year. Severe reduction in production by 20% to 30%, and diseased leaves often accompanied by musty, so that the quality decline.

Note alternate medication. In case of cloudy days, it is best to use Chlorothalonil or Sulfonamide as a smoke suppressant. Its prevention and control methods are: selection of disease-resistant varieties such as Huang Miao, Keshi No. 1, Zhonglu No. 2, Xuelu and so on. The use of non-drip film, timely release, reduce the humidity within the greenhouse, timely removal of the diseased leaves buried or burned. In the early stage of disease, 50% carbendazim WP may be sprayed with 500 times, or 70% thiophanate-methyl 800 times, or 50% Polydoxifen WP 1000 times, or 50% acetaminophen wettable. Powder 1500 mash, 4050 kg of liquid used per acre, spraying once every 57 days, even spraying 23 times.

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