Disassembly and adjustment of centrifuge drum

Centrifuge drum is the main component of the centrifuge. When the centrifuge malfunctions, sometimes you need to disassemble the centrifuge. You can read how to remove the three-legged centrifuge . The following is a brief introduction of the centrifuge drum. Loading and adjustment.
Remove the outer casing, the main shaft shield, the spindle nut and the washer, etc., and use the two disassembly screw holes on the upper end of the drum bottom to press the bottom plate of the self-made dismantling tool on the bottom end surface of the drum with two screws, and gradually tighten the ejection screw. Pull the bottom of the drum out of the spindle. If the fit is tight due to the corrosion of the tapered hole, the wooden surface can be evenly tapped on the bottom surface, and the rotating drum can be discharged by the screw.

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