Egg sausage processing technology

Egg intestine is an egg product which is based on eggs as the main raw material, suitable for adding other ingredients, imitating the enema process, and processed by irrigation, rinsing, cooking, cooling, etc. It is nutritious, delicious, spicy, easy to eat and easy to use. Storage and other characteristics.

1. Process flow

Ingredients → Beat Eggs → Filling → Rinsing → Cooking → Cooling → Finished Product Packaging → Storage.

2. processing method

(1) 50 kg of fresh eggs, 10 kg of wet protein powder, 500 g of onion juice, 1.8 g of salt, 60 g of pepper, and 2.5 kg of warm water (about 40°C). All ingredients except eggs in the above ingredients are pre-mixed and used.

(2) Beat eggs Open the washed eggs one by one and pour them into the beater's egg beater. Beat the eggs at 60-80 rpm for 15-20 minutes. When no egg beater is available, beat egg tarts and whisk eggs 30 to 35 minutes by hand. The above premixes were mixed and continued to be used for 2 to 3 minutes.

(3) Filling the egg mixture into the sausage casing with an enema machine. In the absence of an enema machine, it is also possible to use a meat grinder to remove the sieve plate and agitate the knife and place a funnel instead of an enema machine. The lower end of the casing is fastened with a fine hemp rope. After filling, the upper end is also fastened with a fine hemp rope and a string of ropes is set aside so that the length of each intestine is 30 cm.

(4) The rinsed wet sausages are rinsed in warm water to remove the attached dirt and are suspended on a special multi-purpose wood rod for cooking.

(5) Cooking The steamer shall be filled with half a tank of clear water. When it is heated to 85-90°C, the wood poles that are covered with the intestines will be discharged one by one from the manger, continue heating, and keep the water temperature constant at 78-85°C. Boil for 25-30 minutes so that the center temperature of the intestine can reach 72°C or more.

(6) Cool the boiled intestines, remove the connecting rod from the cooking tank, and discharge it on the rod frame that has been cleaned and disinfected beforehand, and push it until the cooked food is cooled, so that the central temperature of the intestine will be cooled below 17°C. The surface of the egg sausage is dry, which means it is a finished product.

(7) Packages Products for sale in the region are not packaged and stored in suspension; products for sale in the field are packed in food cartons with inner bags of edible plastic bags.

(8) Preserved preserved egg sausages can be stored for 5 to 6 days when the temperature is lower than 8°C and the relative humidity is 75% to 78%; the packaged Sinotrans products are placed in a cold storage at -13°C. Can be stored for 6 months.

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