Extruded corn flour processing technology

1. Product features: It is convenient to eat, has high nutritional value, can be eaten as porridge, and can also be used as a baking ingredient. 2. Process flow: corn → cleaning → skinning → slag removal → embryo lifting → refining → puffing → smashing → finished products. 3, production points: Clean, peel: use clean, not mildew, water content of not more than 14% of corn kernels as raw materials, with vibrating screen and specific gravity stone machine to remove dirt, sand and impurities, with vertical steel sand rice machine Skinning. Generally need to peel 3 times. Breaking slag and extracting embryos: The peeled corn is broken with slag crusher and broken to a size of 2 to 4 pieces, and then the embryo is extracted with a combined wind sieve specific gravity embryo extraction machine, and then further refined with a roller mill to grind fine corn flour. . Requirements of corn without skin and embryos. Puffing and crushing: The corn flour is put into a puffing machine and puffed. When puffing, the corn flour is firstly added with about 40% of water, and the dough is adjusted to make a small dough with a weight of 200 grams respectively. According to the feed rate of the puffing machine, the size will be small. The dough goes into the extruder. The expanded corn cobs were ground by an abrasive machine and sieved through a 54-mesh sieve to obtain finished corn flour.

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