Forced moulting should pay attention to what issues

(1) Selection of chickens: Under normal circumstances, chickens with low egg production rate in the first year do not need mandatory moulting (except for ancestral chickens) because the number of eggs produced in the second year is only 85 to 95% of a year. Only high-yielding chickens have the value of forced moulting.

(2) Ex-sequence elimination: Before implementing forced moulting, the flock should be observed in detail. To choose healthy disease-free, pubic distance, anal sphincter relaxation, abdominal soft, body shape and well-balanced head of the chicken to participate in forced moult. Diseases, weak chickens and head, eyes, crown, toes and wings were abnormal, and the abdomen was too drooping. The abdomen had a hard sensation and the chickens with too little weight were eliminated. If you do not select enough beforehand, stop and stop feeding. Before the start of production, 10% or more of the chickens may die.

(3) Correct choice of moulting season and moulting time: In the implementation of forced moulting, not only economic factors should be considered, but also seasons and flocks should be considered. Forced moulting in hot and cold seasons can affect the effect of moulting; moulting in the cool season is 5 to 7% more than in the hot season. Moulting moulting occurs when the flock begins to moult naturally, and the effect of moulting is best.

(4) Immunity and deworming: The chickens are dewormed and injected with Xinchengpoxin I for 7 days before forced moulting. If they are carried out from May to November, the best kind of pox is best.

(5) Illumination treatment: At the same time when the water stoppage and feed stop were started, the open-type broiler house stopped lighting, and the closed house reduced the light to 8 to 10 hours, and continued for 30 days from the treatment. After 30 days, the open house was exposed to light for 1 to 2 hours per week and within 2 to 3 weeks (including daylight hours) to 15 to 16 hours. The closed house was increased by 2 hours of light every week and returned to 15 to 16 hours within 3 weeks.

(6) Adding shell powder: Due to the implementation of moulting measures, there are still many chicken eggs laid within 3 to 5 days, but soft eggs and broken eggs are more. In order to improve the eggshell quality of the eggs laid before the break and reduce the number of soft and broken eggs, 2 kg of shells will be given once per 100 birds at the same time as the water stoppage and feed stop. This will increase the number of egg production days by 3 ~ 4 days.

(7) Grasp the hunger time: According to the chicken's weight loss rate, the health condition of the flock, the mortality rate and the season. Do not just pursue a 30% weight loss and ignore other factors.

(8) Feeding amount: When feeding is resumed, feeding must be uniform to prevent eating more or eating less at a time. The amount of feed should be increased day by day and the weight must be controlled. When opening, it should be at or near the body condition before moulting.

When feeding zinc-containing feeds, it is important to accurately weigh the zinc and evenly distribute them to prevent excessive poisoning caused by excessive amounts of zinc.

(9) Persisting in the end, we can't compromise half-way: stopping the water and stopping the feeding is a great stress to the chickens. Especially after l0-day feeding, the cocks become black, lack of energy, and are as thin as wood. The appearance of death. At this time, the management staff were very worried that some had not reached the scheduled number of days of stoppage of feeding, had not yet reached a predetermined rate of weight loss, compromised, and began feeding. In this way, it is easy to keep the moult in an incomplete state, and the amount of egg production thereafter will not be high.

(10) Adding multiple vitamins and methionine: In order to increase the effect of forced moulting, it is possible to supplement multiple vitamins and methionine continuously and appropriately according to egg production on the 15th or so after the feed stop treatment, which can improve the performance of laying after moulting. .

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