Four to see a test to identify counterfeit hybrid rice

To see the uniformity of the hybrid seed grains mixed with other rice is not neat. See the non-uniform yellow-brown and other physiological variegated on the chaff of the chaff-colored hybrid, and the color of the father and the maintainer is the same. See the stigma trail hybrid seed is cross-pollination, the stigma is exposed, carefully observe the middle and outside the gap between the grains, you can find a little not obvious black spots that are stigma marks, which is an important basis for identifying other rice seeds in hybrid seeds. Look at the cleanliness of the seed and copy it by hand. There are solid particles such as earth particles and sand between the palm or fingertips. The back of the hand is stained with fine powder, which proves that the seed's netity is not up to 99% of the national standard. Simple methods for measuring seed moisture content using dental bites, such as sharp spikes in grain, the water content basically reached 13.5%; if there is no crackling sound or grain cross-section is uneven, the seed moisture content is generally higher than 13.5%.

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