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How many times do you feed crickets?
In order to facilitate feeding and management, one year is divided into different feeding periods according to the breeding state of cockroaches. Adult males are prepared for breeding in the early stage from October to November; preparations for the late period are from December to the following January; breeding periods are from February to March; and recovery periods are from April to September. Adult females are prepared for breeding in the early stage from October to November; preparations for the latter period are from December to the following January; breeding periods are from February to March; gestation period is from March to May; and litter and suckling period is from April to June; The period from July to September is 4 to 6 months for the young suckling period, and 7 to 11 months for the growing period.
2. What are the physiological characteristics and feeding requirements for different feeding periods?
After preparing the autumnal period for the breeding period, the gonads of the cockroach begin to develop. After the winter solstice, the gonads and appendages develop rapidly, and they mature in the late January and early February of the following year, and they enter the reproductive state. During this period, the main focus of feeding and management is to supply various nutrients needed for seedlings, especially the nutrients needed for sexual organ development. From the first month of breeding, sufficient amounts of vitamin A and vitamin E and B vitamins should be given to meet the needs of reproductive organs. During the breeding period, due to sexual excitement, the appetite of male and female cockroaches decreased, and the food intake was relatively low. In particular, the public cocoon had to mate 1 or 2 times a day. The entire breeding period required the production and discharge of large amounts of semen, and the physical exertion was also considerable. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that feeds with full price and good palatability are provided, and the proportion of animal feed in the diet should be appropriately increased and fed twice a day. Public feeding is to be done at noon, with fresh fish, meat and eggs. To ensure adequate drinking water. During pregnancy, the mother-in-law not only maintains her own metabolism during her pregnancy. It also supplies nutrients for fetal growth and development and nutrition for postpartum lactation. Therefore, this period should be the highest level of nutrition during the year. The rations must be full-priced, fresh, easily digested, and highly palatable. The types and composition of the supply remain relatively stable. Don't feed feeds with spoilage, otherwise it will cause embryos to absorb, stillbirth, rotten and abortion. After lactating mother-family calving, for the purpose of nurturing and restoring self-direction, nutrient consumption is greater. In the pre-lactation period, appropriate amount of milk feed (milk, goat milk, milk powder, etc.) should be added to the mother's quail diet to promote lactation. Feed processing should be fine, concentration should be slightly diluted, and sufficient drinking water should be guaranteed. In the late lactation period, artificial feed supplements should be promptly provided when Aberdeen begins to feed or when breast milk is insufficient. The method is to grind up fresh animal feed, add grain feed and vitamin feed, and mix the feed with milk. During the recovery period, the public money turns from a tense and active state during the breeding period to a relatively static state. The behavior is lazy and does not love activities. Therefore, the body begins to gradually gain weight, and the level of feeding can be maintained generally. Due to the nutrient consumption of mother-diseases reared during breast-feeding, the body condition is generally slimmer. Therefore, the lactation diet should be given within 20 days after weaning, and later converted to the recovery diet. The breeding period of young larvae is 20 to 25 days old. The larvae are divided at 45 to 60 days. The body weight at 90 to 120 days is the fastest, the growth intensity is reduced at the later stage, and the growth stops at 150 to 180 days. Mature body. The first two months after weaning is the critical period for deciding on the type of body water. It is necessary to provide high-quality, full-priced, and high-energy feed, while paying attention to the supply of inorganic salts and vitamins. Food intake should not be limited, but don't waste food.
3. Do you have a uniform feeding standard? At present, there is no uniform feeding standard in China. Here, only the formula for diets summarized by the Institute of Special Products of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences after years of practice has been introduced.
4 What are the key points of management in different periods?
(1) Preparation of mating period Since October, mats should be added to the chamber. Especially in the high-cold area, the entire winter must ensure that there is enough grass in the small room. The main focus of the preparation for breeding is to adjust the breeding conditions. Overweight mantis want to lose weight by reducing fat content in the feed and strengthening exercise. Too thin to improve its nutritional level. Body condition is generally measured by the body mass index, that is, the body mass index is more than 0.13 is too fat; less than 0.09 is too thin; .1 ~ 0.12 is normal.
(2) During the breeding period, due to frequent catching and catching of the larvae during the breeding period, check the estrus and put it right. It is necessary to pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of the cages to prevent runaways from causing confusion and confusion in the market. Because of the high rate of traumatic injuries due to catching up and releasing, it is necessary to prepare medicines and equipment for external treatment in advance. Before mating, check the health status of the male and female parents. For those with or suspected of having infectious diseases, they should be prohibited from releasing them to prevent the spread of the disease. In addition, it is necessary to keep the market open and quiet during the breeding period and decline to visit to ensure the quality of breeding.
(3) During this period of pregnancy, the management is mainly to create a quiet and comfortable environment for the mother to facilitate the normal development of the fetus. For this reason, the market should remain quiet. It is forbidden to visit and chant. Do a good job of sanitation, pre-pregnancy disinfection and insulation work. Observe the appetite, activity, and mental state of the cockroach and find out that the problem is solved in time. In case of miscarriage symptoms, progesterone should be injected 15-20 mg intramuscularly and vitamin E 15 mg to facilitate fetal protection.
(4) Juvenile breeding period This period is a hot summer season. Pay attention to heatstroke prevention and disease prevention. The utensils are cleaned daily and the excrement and residual food in the chamber are cleaned in time to prevent corruption. Pay attention to the shade and ventilation of the cage to ensure adequate drinking water and prevent heat stroke. After 9~10 months, the young cubs have grown to close to their adult size and should be selected. After the seeds were selected, they were reared in groups using fleas and skins. The management of breeding pups is similar to the preparation of the breeding period. The management of skin lice should pay attention to bedding grass in the small room to facilitate combing. Fix the salt and remove the excrement in time to prevent the hairs from being contaminated by the feed and excrement that were spilled when the coat was knocked over by the food bowl. Entanglement should occur. In particular, care should be taken when handling the skin.

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