Green Sail

Variety characteristics:

Self-reproducing regeneration ability, community special long.

Strong crickets, well-developed pods on the ground, can quickly cover the surface.

Resistant to hot and humid, frost-resistant, more drought-resistant.

Strong resistance to pests and diseases, resistance to stem rot and nematode infestation.

Adapt to the area:

Green Sail White Clover has wide adaptability, likes warm and humid climate. It is suitable for growth in air temperature of 19-24°C, annual rainfall of 500-1200mm, and in sandy soil with good drainage and irrigation conditions, it can resist soil thinness and acid resistance.

Green Saiou is breeding breeding varieties for Argenyan. It is suitable for temperate and subtropical planting. The leaves are medium in size and uniform in flowering time. About one month old, the flowers are large in size, and the plant height is 20-30cm. The formed land is neat, and the landscape is more beautiful when flowering.

As a ground cover plant, Green Sail is often used in landscaping, slope protection projects and ornamental grasses. It is an ideal soil and water conservation and greening plant. It can be planted in the Yangtze River basin in China, and it is easy to form a beautiful landscape.

Cultivation Management:

Green Sioux seeds are fine, with about 1800 seeds per gram. Seed sowing in spring or autumn. Fine soil preparation should be done before sowing to remove weeds. The sowing volume is: 8-10g/m2. Select high-quality grass seed species in China. Green Sycamore grows slowly in the seedling stage. We should pay attention to watering and weeding, and quickly cover the surface.

Green Sail, with its extensive management, grows low and tidy and requires little trimming. After flowering, the seeds spontaneously fall. The coverage of the grass layer increases year by year, so the use period is longer and the landscape effect is better.

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Zhuang Yuan Hong Yellow Rice Wine

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