Green Tree and Material Tree Pruning

1. When conifer trees are planted, they can repair stub branches, dead branches, and long branches, leaving only one upright branch. After 5-15 years of afforestation, the dense branches were repaired, and the collaterals were repaired for 1-2 rounds, and repaired every 4-5 years. When poplars are used to create shelter forests and timber forests, the central branch on the main trunk should be selected as the leading branch in a timely manner. The competition branches should be promptly removed, and the lateral branches should be removed and the excess lateral branches should be repaired to promote high and thick growth. The pruning of trees along the urban and rural greening and urban afforestation communities should pay attention to the beautiful and elegant trees, which are unique and suitable for viewing. For truncated willow, it should be purposely cultivated into a "four-side bucket" or "three-pronged bracing" shape, avoiding the "backbone" shape with two trunks.

2. Trim the incision to be smooth and prevent cracking. The height is 1 cm to 2 cm. Too high or too low will affect wound healing and tree growth. The pruning season is suitable for early spring or late autumn and winter. In early spring it is advisable to use sap before flowing. If the trees are trimmed when they germinate, the water in the tree evaporates quickly, loses water, consumes more nutrients, and is not conducive to tree growth. Some fast-growing species, such as Yang and Liu, can also be pruned in summer. However, be careful not to prune on rainy days to prevent the wounds from getting wet and infected.

3, pruning should pay attention to "winter pruning, summer control side." In the winter, strong trees will be cut, weak trees will be cut lightly, and the emphasis will be on erecting strong competitive branches from the base. In the summer, the implementation of strong and strong branch control, control of strong and weak, balanced adjustment of the tree vigor, mastering the principle of strong side heading, strong branches and heavy shears, weak branches and light shears, twigs and more to achieve the purpose of highlighting the trunk and promoting the growth of trees to trim purpose.

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