High-efficiency aquatic fertilizer application method

According to the physiological and physiological characteristics of plankton and algae in the modern aquaculture water environment, livestock manures are treated with advanced microbial fermentation technology, and complex strains of photosynthetic bacteria, yeast, actinomycetes, Bacillus, and acetobacter are added. Add appropriate amount of chemical fertilizers and refined trace elements, product n, p2o5, k2o total content> 10%, organic content> 35%. It is suitable for the culture of fish, shrimp and shellfish. After application, it can make pond water quality, low-mud fertilizer, benthic diatoms and plankton, and it can breed natural nutrients with complete nutrition in a short time.

Application method:

1, basal fertilizer: After the pond or the new pond must be applied base fertilizer, in order to achieve the effect of fertilizer pond. The product is applied 5 days before seedling emergence, and the usual amount is 10-20 kg/mu water depth per meter.

2. Top dressing: In order to continuously replenish the nutrients in the water during the breeding process, the natural breeding organisms will not only fail to grow, but also need to apply fertilizer in a timely and reasonable manner. Generally, they will be applied once every half month after the seedlings are released, and the dosage shall be 8-10 kg per meter of water. Mu, can be directly evenly placed or watered Quanchiposa, specific should be based on water quality, climate, stocking density, growth period and other conditions appropriate adjustments, cloudy, rainy days should stop feeding, the best time should choose sunny afternoon, but the water temperature and temperature When it is very high, use topdressing with caution.

Since there are many factors influencing aquaculture, remind all aquaculture users to use scientifically and reasonably according to the actual situation under the guidance of a local aquatic technician or an experienced farmer. Source: Rural Knowledge

Most of the Fluorine-Containing Phenylamine products are a light yellow oily liquid, relatively high density, insoluble in water. Most of them are used in the manufacturing of pesticides and dye intermediates, small part of them can be used as an analytical reagent. The steam or smoke of fluorine-Containing Phenylamine series is irritated to eyes, mucous membranes and upper respiratory. Vapor and air can form explosive mixtures, in case of fire, high-heat combustion caused the explosion. And oxidant may react. Decomposition by high fever and emit toxic gases. In case of high fever, increased pressure within containers, cracking and the risk of explosion. Protective measures must be done carefully during product storage. Once the fire occurred, it must be immediately evacuated from air leakage,personnel to a safe area, prohibit access to the contaminated area. Recommended emergency personnel wearing self-contained breathing apparatus and wear chemical protective clothing. In the ambulance personnel to ensure proper safety measures, immediately use foam, carbon dioxide, dry, sandy soil to put out a fire.

Fluorine-Containing Phenylamine

Containing Phenylamine,2-Bromo-4-Methoxy-Phenylamine,5-Fluoro-2-Iodoaniline

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