High-tech fields put high demands on valve products

The 2010 Southern Valve Industry Development Forum was opened in Shanghai. The message from the forum is that the investment valve industry is an attractive option.

A message about "valve and money" also attracted a lot of attention: Hong Kong will issue a valve currency with a face value of 10 Hong Kong dollars. After the media reported it, it was a curiosity for the valve banknotes. The "2010 South China Valve Industry Development Forum" jointly sponsored by China Valve Processing Industry Association and the Provincial Valve Industry Association and other provinces, from the provinces and Henan, Hubei, Shanxi, Anhui and other central provinces, as well as Shandong, Guangdong, Zhejiang, etc. For the first time, the investors and merchants of the land gathered together to discuss the policy of “changing” the money.

"The use of valves to make money is just one of the many new uses of valves," said the president of the China Valve Processing Industry Association. He introduced that the valve industry has now become a basic material industry that is in line with the steel, cement and timber industries. "The valve industry belongs to the sunrise industry. The visionary entrepreneurs and investors in the central region invest in the valve industry. I believe that it will be good for the day and the right place." Liao genuine called out on the forum.

In recent years, China's valve industry has entered a period of rapid development, and has now become one of the large valve processing centers in Asia and one of the global valve markets. However, the per capita consumption level of valve products in China is not high in the world, and currently only 22 US dollars per capita. The rise of power station valves, chemical valves, valve building materials and food valves indicates a promising future and attractive market.

Experts pointed out that the application of various agricultural shed film, plastic film, agricultural water-saving valve equipment and other valve pipelines in agricultural production is widely used in modern agriculture, and the application of rural valve pipelines is also increasing. It is only to solve the valve pipe for human and animal water engineering. The demand is considerable. The demand for various valve pipes in urban buildings has also increased significantly. In the automobile manufacturing industry, the number of auto parts manufactured by valves is increasing. The average number of valves used in power stations in developed countries has exceeded 10 billion. The average usage of power station valves in China is 7 billion. These have stimulated the market demand of the valve industry. According to estimates, the current gap in the valve product market in Shanghai is about 18 billion.

In the face of the attractive market “pies”, Shanghai took the lead in the central region, and Shanghai’s first valve industrial park officially settled in Qianze Valve. Six companies including Shanghai Qianze Valve Co., Ltd. and Ningxiang Economic Development Zone signed an investment agreement recently. The total investment of the six major valve industry investment projects exceeded RMB 2 billion.

At present, the annual production capacity of Shanghai valve industry has reached 10 billion, and the annual processing output value has reached 6 billion yuan. It has become a large-scale and fast-growing industry in our province's light industry, but there is still a speed of development, large and medium-sized valve enterprises do not More, the product grade is not high and so on. If we can seize the opportunity, the rapid development of the Shanghai valve industry is still very large.

It should be noted that the “threshold” of investing in the valve industry has risen. With the diversified and deepening development trend of related industrial fields, the identity of valve products has gradually expanded from the protagonist of daily necessities to a broader industrial field, and high-tech fields have put forward higher requirements for valve products. At the same time, the tasks of environmental protection, recycling and recycling of various scrapped valve products will become more and more arduous.

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