How to choose the right coop building?

The chicken house is an important part of the production of broilers and is a place of life for the flock to eat, drink, exercise, and inhabit. When large and medium broiler farms are designing and constructing chicken houses, they should pay attention to heat insulation, ventilation, lighting, moisture, and ease of production operations and disinfection and epidemic prevention. At present, there are many types of buildings in a chicken house, which can be divided into open and closed categories according to different building structures and properties. The former includes two kinds of side-opening and window-type houses, which can use natural ventilation and lighting, but the internal environment is easily affected by external factors. It is currently a kind of chicken house that is commonly used in China. The closed chicken house, also known as a windowless chicken house, is relatively closed to the outside world. It has the function of insulation and shading, and can adjust and control the home environment. It has greater advantages than open chicken houses. However, due to high cost, large investment in infrastructure, and dependence on machinery and power, production costs are relatively high.

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