How to do strawberry deformity

First, the flowering period of the strawberry planted in the greenhouse during the flowering period of the shed is early in the flowering period, and fewer flowering insects are visited in the early stage. Therefore, when the first buds are formed, the bees can be stocked in the shed, and 2-3 boxes of bees can be stocked in each standard shed. Placing evenly around the shed allows the pollination rate to be over 95%, and the bee time is 8-9 am and 3-4 pm.

Second, reasonable regulation of temperature and humidity generally after the bud differentiation, will begin to sleep before the insulation, the daytime temperature is controlled at 20 °C -30 °C, the night temperature is controlled at 10 °C or more. Especially during flowering and fruit setting period, it is necessary to frequently change the air and reduce humidity and heat preservation. The daytime temperature is generally controlled at 20°C-28°C, and the nighttime temperature is controlled at 5°C or more, and the relative humidity is controlled at 50%-60%. Drop-proof membrane sheds are used to prevent water droplets from eroding strawberry stigmas. With drip irrigation, air humidity can be effectively reduced.

Third, timely sparse fruit thinning and timely removal of secondary flowers and deformed small fruit, disease, regular removal of old leaves, yellow leaves, diseased leaves in order to reduce nutrient consumption, is conducive to ventilation and light, reduce disease and increase light, can be significantly Reduce the rate of malformed fruit, and is conducive to the concentration of nutrients, ensure the development of normal fruit, improve the weight of single fruit and fruit quality.

Fourth, timely use of medicinal fertilizer using disease-free berry seedlings, mulching and other agricultural measures, try not to use drugs or reduce the amount and frequency of medication. Severe diseases and pests should be used before or after flowering, and flowering is strictly prohibited. In low temperature and rainy weather, when the humidity in the shed is high, the beehives are moved out of the shed and then treated with a fumigation agent. In flower bud differentiation and development stage, appropriate topdressing nitrogen fertilizer or spraying foliar fertilizer is conducive to flower bud differentiation and development. To keep the soil moist, especially during flower bud development, flowering, and fruit expansion, timely irrigation should be provided to meet the needs.

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