How to prevent garlic lobes?

First, the expansion of bulbs should be done in the late stage of drainage. Drain the water immediately after rainfall, and do not use large amounts of water during droughts to avoid excessive soil moisture.

Second, timely harvest. 18 to 20 days after picking garlic bulbs for garlic harvest appropriate period. Early harvest, not only garlic scalp thin, white, and it is not easy to split; harvest late, in case of rain, it is prone to flap. The criteria for proper harvesting are when the leaves of the plants are mostly dry, the upper leaves are faded to the tips of the leaves, the plants are in a soft state, and the plants are overwhelming from the base to the side. When the performance is not brittle and has toughness, it is a sign of maturity and should be promptly collected. .

Third, timely drying after harvest, cover garlic with garlic leaves, focus on drying garlic and garlic leaves, in order to reduce the body's moisture content, so that the base of the leaf sheath and protective scale gradually lose water and dry. Protect from rain and moisture during storage. At the beginning of storage, the fibrous roots of garlic are cut off and the flaps can be delayed.

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