How to prevent iron deficiency anemia in piglets

The core message: Sows generally have low iron content, and the growth and development of new-born piglets are rapid. The demand for iron increases rapidly. In the first few weeks, the daily requirement of iron is about 15 milligrams, and the amount of iron taken through breast milk is An average of only 1 mg per day, and the presence of iron in newborn piglets is also small, so pig iron deficiency anemia is more common.

In some large-scale pig farms, most of them are pigs on cement floors, and iron-deficiency anemia is most likely to occur in piglets. Usually, the incidence is as high as 90%. The incidence of piglets is mainly concentrated between 2-4 weeks.

First, the symptoms. The piglets most often occurred at 3-4 weeks of age. After mild disease, the growth and development of the piglets were normal, but the weight gain rate was significantly lower than that of the normal piglets, the appetite decreased, the diseases such as enteritis and respiratory tract infections were easily induced, and mild respiration was accelerated. In severe conditions, head and neck edema, white pig skin was pale and yellow, especially the skin around the ears and nose, drowsiness, lack of energy, rapid heartbeat, heart sounds, rapid breathing and difficult, especially in the rushing run Afterwards, the swift breathing and breathing movements were significantly strengthened and it took a long time to slowly restore calm. Severe anemia can suddenly die from heart failure, but this happens rarely.

Second, pathological changes. The body was pale and thin, the blood was thin, the body had mild or moderate edema, the heart was dilated, the liver was swollen, mottled and pale yellow due to fatty infiltration.

Third, prevention and control. Because the sows supplemented with iron-containing drugs during gestation and postpartum cannot increase the liver iron storage level of newborn piglets and basically do not increase the iron content in milk. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia in suckling piglets is usually directly to piglets. Iron supplementation. There are two ways to supplement iron: intramuscular injection and oral administration.

Intramuscular injection. The application of intramuscular injection is more common. Iron dextran, sorbitol iron, blood serum, blood polysulfa, rich blood, iron king, blood source, iron and cobalt dextran agent, sugar iron oxide, etc., with the above iron containing injection for 3-4 days The piglets were given a 100-150 mg dose of iron per head and were injected 10-4 days later with the same dose. Intramuscular injection can cause local pain and should be deep intramuscular injection.

Oral supplement iron. For pigs on the concrete floor, frequent addition of clean red earth with high iron content is an effective method for relieving the disease; supplementation with iron and copper can also be used to feed 2.5 grams of ferrous sulfate and 1 gram of copper sulfate. In 1000 ml of water, a solution was prepared and placed in a baby bottle. Feeding was started at 3 days after the piglet was born, 1-2 times a day, 10 ml per head per day. The iron-containing starch paste can also be made on the 3rd day after childbirth. It should be applied to the sow's breast and around the breast 2-3 times for a few days. It is best to apply it before the sow is breastfeeding. Reference formula: 450 g of ferrous sulfate, 75 g of copper sulfate, 2000 ml of water, appropriate amount of glucose, starch, etc.; or ferrous sulfate solution as a drop, about 0.1-0.3 g per piglet orally; others such as lactate Iron, ferric ammonium citrate, etc. are also available for oral use of iron. In addition, pigs should be allowed to eat early. Generally, they can train piglets at 7 days of age to feed the full-price milk-pig feed for breast-feeding to obtain iron in the feed. When oral iron is supplemented, care must be taken to prevent excessive elements such as cobalt, zinc, copper, and manganese from affecting iron absorption.

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