How to prevent the universal joint damage of rotary cultivator

Girder damage is common during rotary cultivator operations. According to the survey, the main reasons for damage to the universal joint of rotary cultivators are: improper use, secondly, incorrect installation; third, improper selection of universal joint shaft and bushing; fourth, failure to timely maintenance according to regulations; When there is no elevation or no mention of it, it will force a turn. Measures to prevent the damage to the rotary joint of the rotary tiller are as follows: The rotary-plough machines should not be used for plots with lots of stones, and it is better to use Other machines for farming; first start and join the power, and then slowly fall down the agricultural implements so that the blades of the rotary tiller advance. Slowly enter the soil; the length of the universal joint square shaft and bushing used should be matched with the farm implement type. If it is too long, the transmission part will be damaged in use; if it is too short, it will fall out when the farm implement is raised; When installing, the fork opening should be in the same plane to ensure uniform rotation of the cutter shaft. Otherwise, the transmission parts are easily damaged; lubrication and maintenance are performed on time according to the requirements. The lubrication points should not be left unfilled and filled with oil to prevent early damage due to dry friction. When the height of agricultural implements is controlled by hydraulic pressure, the height of the rotary tiller shall not exceed 20cm; the implements must be raised first when turning; otherwise the transmission parts may be easily damaged; in the work, the angle between the square shaft of the universal joint and the plane of the gearbox shall not be If it exceeds 10, the efficiency of transportation will be reduced, and it will be easily damaged. The angle should not exceed 30 after the farm tool is raised, otherwise it will easily damage the gimbal.

Belt Conveyor


This Belt Conveyer is used for horizontal or inclined conveying the materials , such as wheat , corn and other most kinds of seeds and bulk materials and granules to the seed processing lines or granary , storage bins.


 Inclining Belt Conveyor is used for continuous transfer bettwen floor and high space.
 It has advantages for long distance conveying.
 In terms of controlling angle, the drive motor has braking function in order to prevent the goods from falling down due to the gravity.

Mobile type you can move it to any place according to your machine place. We can provide fixed type or mobile type for different clients. We will make the lifting height and length for requirement of clients.

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

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