How to process pumpkin biscuits?

In a broad sense, biscuits should belong to the category of baked goods in convenience foods. However, due to rapid development, industrial large-scale production has been formed separately. Due to process technology and equipment, new products continue to emerge. The pumpkin biscuit here is as the name suggests is to use a part of pumpkin in the flour which is the main raw material of the biscuit. The specific formula problem can only be determined after experiment. The basic process is as follows:

1. Raw material treatment: The old cooked pumpkin is used to peel and go to the seeds, chopped and beaten into pulp, heated and concentrated to form a dough. However, pumpkin powder or pumpkin can not be added to the flour, otherwise it will affect the quality of biscuits. Initially consider using 10-20% instead of flour.

2, dough modulation: the various raw materials according to? Requires good cooperation. Then modulate in the dough mixer. This is one of the most critical processes in biscuit production that has a significant impact on the molding operation and the quality of the finished product. Take for example the composition of powder-sweetened biscuits in the production process of powdered biscuits: on the one hand, it consists of flour, squash flour (or pumpkin sauce), granulated sugar, water, milk powder, fats, phospholipids, and starch syrup; Soda, ammonium bicarbonate, salt, and spices are mixed and prepared by all the above raw materials in a blender.

3, the dough into the forming machine roller pressed into a sheet.

4. Roll forming: Stamping in the forming machine.

5, baking: After molding the cake blank, move into the oven. In recent years, far-infrared baking has been applied, and a series of chemical, physical, and biological changes have been produced after heating at a high temperature for a short period of time. This series of changes turns the green body into a finished product with a porous spongy structure and becomes larger in volume, darker in color, and produces a pleasant scent. The maximum temperature of baking is 180-200 degrees Celsius.

6. Cooling: The surface temperature of the biscuits can reach 180 degrees Celsius when they are freshly baked, and the center temperature is about 110 degrees Celsius. It must be cooled to about 38-40 degrees Celsius before it can be packaged.

7, finishing, packaging, storage.

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