How to raise ducks to produce more eggs

First, during the production of the ducks, once the breeder takes the food bowl into the duck lap, he quickly gathers and competes for food. This shows that the appetite is strong and can be fed more properly; on the contrary, it shows poor appetite and should be fed less.

2. The shape of the duck eggs produced is satisfactory, and the ducks are fed with enough food to feed and manage well. If the big end of the egg is small, it is early food; if the small end is pointed, it is due to food, and sufficient feed should be added.

Third, the eggshell is thin, there is trachoma, or rough, soft shell, indicating calcium deficiency, to timely supplement calcium powder, bone meal, shell powder and other mineral feed, to ensure complete nutrition.

Fourth, the water, the material is sufficient, the duck produces the egg shape to be complete and big, generally 14 eggs are 1 kilograms; The material, the water shortage situation, needs 16 to 18 to have 1 kilograms. Usually according to the weight of duck eggs, adjust the feeding and management of ducks.

5. Ducks lay eggs at 2 to 5 o'clock in the morning, indicating that they are properly fed; if egg production is postponed and the yield is smaller, it means that the production is about to stop, and the feed should be quickly replenished to improve the nutritional level of ducks and ducks.

Sixth, when ducks start production, the weight is generally 1.4 to 1.5 kg, after a period of egg production, such as the weight does not change, indicating that the feed is reasonable; duck fat is too much energy feed; if the duck weight loss, Insufficient nutrition should be adjusted feed formulations so that the duck is not fat or thin.

7. If the duck body feathers are smooth, close and close, it means that the feed is good; if the feathers are loose, it means that the feed quality is poor, and feed the full price feed in time.

Eighth, healthy and productive duck spirits cheer, flexible action; if the spirit is sluggish, unresponsive, it indicates that the constitution is weak or sick.

9. If the duck's feces are all white, it means that the animal feed is fed too much and the digestion and absorption is poor; if the feces are loose and white is small, the animal feed is proved to be reasonable; the feces is yellow-white, gray-green or blood-colored, indicating that the duck is ill. , should promptly diagnose and treat.

Ten, the duck panicked, do not want to take a bath, go to the shore after the hair is dry to drill in the duck shed, drooping wings, walking weakness, egg production is a sign of decline, should be timely feed supplements, or fed compound feed and cod liver oil .

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