How to reduce the loss of wheat combine harvesting operations

Choose the right job and job time. The best time for wheat harvesting is waxing and ripening. The operating time of the combine harvester should be determined according to the specific conditions of the weather, and the principle of late delivery and late delivery is generally adopted. You can make use of the more comprehensive technical maintenance of the locomotive during the period when the morning crop is relatively humid, and take it out after the dew drops in the evening. Harvesting during this period of time not only has high efficiency but also has a small loss of work.

Maintain a proper cutting height. Cutting height should be based on the height of the wheat and the level of the ground, depending on the situation, generally 15 ~ 25cm is appropriate, one-sided pursuit of high productivity should not be too high. Otherwise, due to the difference in wheat height or when the locomotive crosses the field, the cutting table fluctuates up and down, resulting in the loss of some wheat. At the same time, if the cut is too high, the reeling function of the reel will be reduced and the wheat harvested will easily fall to the ground and cause losses.

Correctly adjust the height, front and rear position of the reel. The position of the reel should be adjusted according to the specific conditions of the crop. In general, the position of the reeds should be suitable for the crop to be cut at 2/3 of the crop to be cut; the position of the reeds should be determined according to the crop density and degree of lodging. When the crop plants are dense and lodging, move forward appropriately. To enhance the ability to assist. The position of the reel wheel is too high, and the reel is easy to hit the head of the head; before the position is too far, the frequency of reeling the crop is increased. All of these can easily cause grain shedding and increase the loss of work, especially at the later stage of the operation.

Pay attention to the wear of the threshing mechanism during maintenance. The wear of the pattern or spike and the deformation and wear of the gravure grid can all affect the de-purification of the wheat. Therefore, for harvesters that have been used for a long time, they must be inspected before the harvesting operation, and parts that have been deformed or that are seriously worn should be promptly repaired or replaced. It is worth noting that such repairs should be carried out at a regular repair facility to ensure stable operation of the threshing drum.

The threshing drum speed and threshing gap should meet the technical requirements. The rotation speed of the threshing drum and the size of the threshing gap are important factors affecting the de-purification rate of wheat. In order to ensure the stability of the rotating speed of the drum, the speed of the vehicle must not be changed by changing the size of the throttle, and the method of reducing the speed of the throttle may not be used to reduce the speed of the vehicle. The uniform feeding of the crop and the amount of feeding should not be too large to avoid Affects the threshing quality. For the threshing gap, it is necessary to adjust the crop according to the specific conditions of the species, maturity and humidity. The principle of adjustment: Under the premise of satisfying the de-purge rate, the threshing gap can be appropriately increased to reduce the crushing rate of wheat and reduce the probability of cylinder clogging.

Always check the work of the document processor. In the whole process of the combine harvester, the separation mechanism is the weakest link. The loss of separation will increase when the amount of explants exceeds the rated entry volume or the stem is wet and the weed content is high. Therefore, in the operation, it is necessary to constantly check the jam of the straw in the drafter box and remove the fault in time. The most common method is to reduce the amount of feed, the correct choice of harvest period and the appropriate increase in cutting height.

Correctly adjust the screen opening and fan air volume. Combine harvester cleaning device widely used is the air flow screen type, its operation quality depends largely on its adjustment and coordination. Under normal circumstances, the opening of the sieve is increased, and the air volume of the fan is appropriately reduced, which can reduce the loss of cleaning, but the cleanliness rate decreases. Conversely, the cleanliness rate increases, and the loss of cleanup increases. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the adjustment in an overall manner and cannot emphasize the cleanliness ratio. The principle of adjustment: In the case of ensuring that the clean-up loss rate does not exceed the standard, reduce the opening degree of the screen and increase the air volume of the fan to increase the cleanliness of the grain.

Accurate harvesting of lodging crops. Decrease the cutting amount appropriately to reduce the missed cut; move the reel appropriately forward and reel the spring element 150 to 300 to enhance the abutment effect; for crops that are more serious lodging, take the harvest direction and reduce the speed. Reduce the amount of feed and other measures.

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