Initial processing of root and underground stem Chinese herbal medicines

After such medicinal materials are harvested, the soil must generally be washed first to remove fibrous roots, reed heads, and residual foliage, and then sizing and grading. Fresh and cut into pieces or sections, and then dried or dried, such as white peony and salvia miltiorrhiza. , Achyranthes, Peucedanum, radiata, etc. Some root and bulb medicinal materials with high fleshy, high moisture content, such as Asparagus, Aphrodite, Amaranthus, etc., should be first hot-pressed with boiling water, then cut into slices and dried. Drying; for the rough and difficult to dry crude rhizomes, such as Scrophulariaceae, lettuce, etc. should be fresh slices, and then dried; For drying difficult to peel the herbs, such as Dan, Campanulaceae, Pinellia, paeony Such as, should be freshly scraped cork; for those who contain starch, sap sauce foot herbs, such as Gastrodia, Rehmannia, Polygonatum, Huang Jing, fleece-flower root should be steamed fresh, and then sliced ​​and dried. Some species such as Radix et Rhizoma, Radix Codonopsis, etc., should be put into boiling water for a short time, followed by scraping, washing and drying. In addition, medicinal materials such as Salvia miltiorrhiza, Scrophularia scrofa, and Radix Paeoniae Alba, etc., must first be boiled and boiled, and then After repeated "sweating" can be completely dry.

Biocide Technical Ingredients

Biocide Technical Ingredients

All water based products have plenty of nutrients and water to support microbe growth under favorable conditions. Microbes invade water based products from multi-point sources, such as contaminated raw materials, poor plant hygiene, untreated water, and not properly preserved recycling materials. While adding in-can preservatives into the products should not excuse a factory from Good Manufacturing Hygiene Practices (GMHP), proper use of in-can preservatives coupled with GMHP can dramatically minimize the chance of microbial tolerance development, and assure unspoiled products to customers.

Biocides formulators often use several types of in-can preservatives as active ingredients in their biocidal products for various industrial water based products. One of these active ingredients is benzisothiazolone (BIT). It has several distinct performance advantages, including good stability at high pH, good stability in the presence of reducing agents, and broad spectrum of activities against many microbes.

Sunshine Biotech supplies to all industrial biocides formulators with high quality BIT technical ingredients. Besides of BIT, we also provide its derivative, like BBIT, MBIT etc.

Biocide Technical IngredientsBiocide Technical Ingredients

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