Lamei management measures after flowering

Lamei is a unique and precious flower in China. We have bought more homes this spring, and most of them are plums. After opening the flower, how to manage it further is indeed very important.

First, move out of the house and open the potted plums after flowering. It should be promptly removed from the outdoors and placed in a sunny place. When the pots are dry, they should be watered as usual. Do not leave the room for a long time.

Second, turn basin change soil, potted wax plum because the pot is less soil, nutrition is easy to run out, need to change the soil regularly, generally every one or two years once, the time should be in March and April when the bloom of the plum. Pots can use round, square or rectangular zisha pots, making the plum blossom pile more simple and elegant.

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