Lightning and warming in a pigshed

Plastic greenhouse pig raising is a technology that uses solar energy to increase the temperature of pig houses, promote the growth of pigs, and reduce feed consumption in winter. Solving the problem of lighting and warming is one of the keys to success in raising pigs in winter greenhouses.

Warm Shed Orientation and Lighting The winter sun is high and the angle is small. When the pig house is facing south, it can maximize the lighting time and increase the lighting surface. In the afternoon, the sunlight is strong, and the westward direction can enhance the light, but in the winter, it is mostly northwesterly. Therefore, it is better to go southwards.

Warm shed form and lighting single slope warm shed: It is the whole or the lower half of the sun awning roof covered with plastic film, the upper half and the back side are tile-wood structure, the front slope is long, the back slope is short, the front wall is short, and the rear The wall height is semi-open after uncovering the film in spring, summer, and autumn. The structure is simple, and wind resistance, snow resistance and heat preservation performance are good. Generally the farmer's pig house can be buckled after a slight modification, but the lighting surface is small. Double slope warm shed: It is the roof of the greenhouse before and after the roof is covered with film, lighting area, strict construction requirements, high cost, wind insulation and pressure resistance is poor, the summer roof to cover shade, suitable for large-scale pig farms. Arched warm sheds: The lighting area and shed area are large, and the construction cost is high. It is suitable for large-scale pig farms that combine farming and breeding.

The light transmittance of plastic film and lighting plastic film varies greatly due to different raw materials and additives, as well as pollution, aging, and water droplet adhesion. It is generally believed that polyethylene films are preferred. When the film is aged, the light transmittance is significantly reduced, and the old film is stained with water droplets and dust, which also greatly reduces the light transmittance. According to the determination, the temperature of the pighouse can be 2°C-3°C higher than that of the new membrane. The old film is cleaned and folded and stored well, which can effectively prevent the aging of the film and the decrease of the light transmittance.

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