Lily flower pest control technology

Lily has more diseases and pests, and the main diseases of lily are anthracnose, root rot, gray mold, blight, and bulb rot. At the early stage of disease, the diseased plant should be removed immediately, and 50% carbendazim should be sprayed with 500-600 times liquid. Apply or irrigate the roots, mix 50% Daisen ammonium 300g. When planting, healthy bulbs and disease-resistant varieties should be selected. Before planting, the soil and bulbs should be strictly disinfected, and rotation should be implemented. Bordeaux fluid should be sprayed regularly after planting to prevent the disease. For anthrax with 75% chlorothalonil 800 times, 50% anthraquinone Fumycin wettable powder 500 times, spray once every 10 days, even spray 2-3 times. In the early stage of gray mold, 80% mancozeb 500 times, or 50% quickan WP 1500 times, 75% chlorothalonil 800-1000 times or 1% Bordeaux mixture, are sprayed every 10 days. Even spray 2-3 times. The diseased leaves are cleared at the beginning of the onset of disease, with 1% equivalent Bordeaux mixture, 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 500-800 times, or 50% bacteriostatic wettable powder 800-1000 times, sprayed every 7-10 days. 1 times, even spray 3-4 times, there is control effect. Before the planting of bulb rot disease, 50% quintozene can be used for seed dressing to prevent diseases. In the early stage of disease, 50% dexamethasone 300-500 times liquid or spray can be applied. There are aphids, cockroaches hazards, can be used 1000 times 50% dichlorvos EC spray, or 20% chrysanthemum emulsion 1000 times liquid control.

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