Ministry of Agriculture: Vegetable output reached 677 million tons in 2011

The Ministry of Agriculture announced on December 16 that while national agricultural production in the country achieved an “eight-fold increase” in grain production in 2011, the economic crops such as cottonseed oil, sugar, and fruit and vegetable tea all rose in line, achieving the first full-scale production increase in the new century. Among them, vegetable production, planting area, yield, and total output achieved simultaneous growth. It is expected that the country's annual vegetable output will reach 677 million tons, an increase of 4%.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, among other economic crops, the cotton production in 2011 was reversed for three consecutive years. The output is expected to exceed 6.5 million tons, and the output will increase by 600,000 tons. Oil production will continue to grow for four consecutive years. The output is expected to reach 33.05 million tons, and the output will increase by 75. Million tons; sugar production has been reversed for two consecutive years; the output has reached 123 million tons and the output has increased by 2.87 million tons. The area of ​​economic crops such as fruits and tea also achieved sustained growth.

The Ministry of Agriculture also stated that during the “eight-plus-year increase” in grain production, the cumulative increase in grain production in the last eight years was 281 billion kilograms, with an average annual increase of 35 billion kilograms. This is the period when the increase in production has been the largest since the founding of the People's Republic of China. For the first time in 2011, grain production reached a scale of 1,100 billion kilograms. For the first time in five consecutive years, it stabilized at more than 1,000 billion kilograms. For the first time in half a century, it achieved the first eight consecutive years of production increase, and the per capita grain consumption reached the new level of 850 pounds for the first time.

The National Bureau of Statistics issued the 2011 National Grain Production Announcement on December 2. According to preliminary statistics, in 2011, the national total grain output reached 57,121 million tons, an increase of 24.73 million tons over 2010, an increase of 4.5%. Grain yields reached 5,166 kg/ha, which was 192 kg/ha or 3.9% higher than in 2010. The country increased production of 21.27 million tons of grain by yield, and contributed 85.8% of the increase in production.

The total output of summer grain was 126.27 million tons, 3.12 million tons or 2.5% more than last year; the total output of early rice was 32.76 million tons, which was 1.43 million tons or 4.5% more than last year; the total output of autumn grain was 41.218 million tons, which was 20.18 million tons or 5.1 tons higher than last year. %.

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