Month persimmon winter tube technology new look

Monk persimmon has long enjoyed a good reputation both at home and abroad. It has a history of cultivation and processing for more than 400 years. In recent years, the fruit growers who planted persimmons only paid attention to the management of the spring and summer seasons, and looked down on the winter tubes, which led to a decrease in the monthly quality of persimmons. The winter tube of the moon persimmon is the most important work of the year. Doing the winter tube is equivalent to completing half of the harvest next year.

First, the application of basal fertilizer

?? 1, to grasp the time of Shiji Fei, persimmon base fertilizer should be mastered before the advent of the Great Cold, the sooner the better, early application of base fertilizer can make the tree to absorb part of the nutrients stored, the second year of effective flowers, fruit set The rate is high, the resistance to disease increases, and it can also help wound healing of wounded roots.

2. The amount and type of basal fertilizer: The basic fertilizer for the monthly persimmon is generally organic fertilizer, and the appropriate amount of phosphate fertilizer is added. The organic fertilizer with more than 300 pounds of fruit topping is accompanied by 10 pounds of phosphate fertilizer and 1 kg of biological potassium fertilizer. The amount of 300 pounds or less may be less, and the fertilization ditch may be opened 60 centimeters deep and 80 centimeters wide when used, and the length may be determined according to the size of the fruit tree. The position of the ditch will be below the canopy drip line, pay attention to the organic manure when fertilizing the ditch. The surface soil was mixed and backfilled into fruit pits, and the amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers in the orchard with serious anthrax spots doubled.

Second, ring cutting, pruning

??1, the monthly persimmon prone to large and small phenomena, so that the results of persimmon trees are not uniform. Therefore, it is necessary to cut the persimmon tree, apply the active agent "promoting Huawang No. 2", control the tip to promote flowering, increase the fruit setting rate, and eradicate the size of the phenomenon.

?? 2, clear the deciduous fruit, cut off the branches and branches, dry branches, falling fruit pedicle, especially the annual production garden and serious orchard pests more thorough, and then litter and burned concentrated. The pruning wounds should be protected in time, smeared with grease to “cure anti-corrosion film”, and the wound should be closed to prevent chapped cracks.

Third, the winter clear garden

Whether or not the monthly persimmon is clean in winter and clear gardens will directly affect the prevention and control of pests and diseases in the following year. Clear garden work is generally divided into several steps.

??1, scrape off the lesions, scrape off the old Alice on the trunk, and then use the "General Tree Protector" lotion smear wound lesions, so that the lesion quickly dry off, remove the bacteria source.

?? 2, thermal insulation, with "General tree care" 100 times the whole park spraying, insulation antifreeze, sterilization, killing the overwintering winter persimmon, persimmon worm and other overwintering insect sources, to protect the tree safe winter.

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