Nutrition experts Chen Yunbin: Spring Liver is better than Spleen

Many people think that they have nourishing liver in the spring, they must try their best to make up their livers, use various methods to make up their liver, and so on. In fact, this is not very correct. Professor Chen Yunbin reminded us that we should pay attention to two points:

First, the liver should not make up for liver protection

It is easy to hurt the liver

The liver can not make up casually, and more will hurt the liver. This should pay special attention in the spring, because the spring has been very prosperous liver, if the liver will be counterproductive, so many people in the spring blood pressure, red eyes or easy to dizziness, or easy to get angry, these are too vigorous The symptoms. Therefore, we do not need to make up the liver. What should we do?

Liver is not to let the liver stagnant in the body

First of all, the spring mood must be very pleasant. In the middle of the year, especially in the spring, do not suppress yourself. What you want to do is to do what you want. This is the most reasonable thing to do.

Then, you can use a variety of ingredients to treat your liver, such as tea with roses and lemons, so that your liver can be dredge and relieve stress. This is called real liver protection.

Lemon with honey or brown sugar does not hurt the stomach

Due to citric acid, it hurts the stomach. So don't use lemon alone. If it is peace, it is recommended to match honey, if it is cold, it is recommended to match brown sugar, so that drinking will not hurt the stomach. In addition, do not drink lemonade on an empty stomach.

Second, spring to eat more Gan to raise the spleen

Because the liver and the spleen are closely related, when our liver is too busy, it will hurt the spleen. When we have a weak spleen, the liver will have problems. Therefore, the most important thing in spring is to raise the spleen. There are many benefits to the spleen and stomach. For example, the absorption will be very good and it will benefit the body's metabolism in the spring. Therefore, not only will we not be fat, but also because we are absorbing good things, nutritious foods, and our metabolism. To speed up, it will clean up the garbage in the body. So this has a slimming effect instead.

Eat a bowl of rice in spring can raise the spleen

Eating sweet in spring does not mean eating sweet things, like eating sweets. This is wrong. There are two kinds of sweet things: one is sweet and the other is light. An example of something light is food. Therefore, we must eat a bowl of rice in the spring, because rice and pasta are really foods for the spleen. These are sweet foods. They are also good foods. They are very positive. These foods are very good for the body.

Beef is called "jaundice in meat"

Astragalus is a food for reinforcing spleen and supplementing spleen, so beef is used to make up spleen. In addition, when we eat beef, our muscles will increase and the body's fat will decrease. Schwarzenegger practiced muscle by eating beef to make up his body. Therefore, do not worry about gaining weight when eating beef properly.

Eat more pumpkin in vegetables

Supplementing the spleen in spring, eating pumpkin has a good effect. Stew the pumpkin and beef together. It is a spleen for spring.

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