Onion head storage and freshness

Store onion head should use yellow or red skin resistant varieties. The onion is harvested when 2/3 of the leaves turn yellow and begin to fall, and the outer scales of the bulb dry. The irrigation was stopped 5 to 7 days before harvest to reduce the onion water content and promote ripening. The following methods can be used to achieve storage and preservation effects. 1. Hanging law. After the onion is harvested, grab a sunny day and dry it for 3 to 4 days. Make the dried onion braided into a ladle, each about 1m in length. The two are together, hanging on a tripod on the roof or under the eaves, or well-ventilated. Hanging room. 2. The basket storage method. After the drying of the onion head tied into a small pile into a circle, onions head outwards, leaves inward, every 4 to 5 days down once, avoid rain. When the onion is fully dried, the leaves are removed and placed in wooden baskets or bamboo baskets and placed in storage. 3. Tibetan law. The harvested onions were cut off the onion leaves, and the onions were air-dried for 3 to 4 days. They were placed in a bamboo sieve and hung in a place 2 meters above the stove that was often fired.

Natural Active And Intermediates

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