Onion seedlings do a good job at five points

Onions in the south-central provinces of Dingzhou, Feixiang, Ji’er, and other vegetable areas have a large area of ​​cultivation. This type of vegetable has the characteristics of low input, high yield, simple management, and high efficiency. It is a commercial production of vegetable farmers and increases income. An ideal vegetable variety. In early September, it is the best time for onion seedlings. The key points for raising seedlings are described below.

First, choose the best species

In production, Ziyue No.1, Ziyu No.2, Zixing, Zihuanhong and other purple skin varieties can be used. These varieties have the characteristics of strong spicy taste, high yield, excellent quality, and suitable for export. These varieties generally produce about 5,000 kilograms per mu, and the high-yield plot has a production capacity of 7,500 kilograms per mu.

Second, prepare the seedbed

Seedbed soil should be selected loose, fertile, strong water retention, 2-3 years have not been planted onion, garlic vegetable plots. Each mu of cultivated field needs about 35 square meters of seedbed area, with a seed amount of 0.5 kg. Before sowing, apply sufficient fertilizer to farmhouses, add nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ternary compound fertilizer 20-30 kg, then plowing, fine soil preparation, made 1.5-2 meters wide rake, irrigated, ready to broadcast.

Third, the appropriate sowing

Early and late sowing date directly affects the size of the seedlings, which ultimately affects the yield of onions. In early sowing, the growth period of seedlings is prolonged, resulting in excessively large nutritional areas, and seedlings are prone to convulsions; in late sowing, the seedlings are weak and the cold resistance is low. Dead seedlings are prone to overwintering. Therefore, in order to achieve high yields, we must master the best sowing time. According to the experience of local farmers, the most suitable sowing date in the central region of our province is suitable for 3 days before and after the white dew (in early September). Spread seeds with dry seeds and cover fine soil after sowing. It is advisable to not see seeds. After covering the soil, 33% of the weeds can be sprayed with 100 ml per acre seedbed to prevent weeds in the seedbed.

IV. Seedling management

The center of seedling management is to cultivate the strong seedlings as the main goal. After sowing, a layer of wheat straw shall be placed on the surface of the vine to facilitate moisturization, high temperature protection and protection against rain. The soil should be kept moist until it emerges. When about 60% of the seedlings on the seedling bed grow, the covering can be removed. According to weather conditions, timely watering, to prevent the seedbed from hardening, and combined with watering topdressing a small amount of urea. To cultivate age-appropriate seedlings through fertilizer and water regulation. It is necessary to prevent the seedlings from growing too large, causing early convulsions, but also to avoid the delicate growth of seedlings, affecting the winter. Generally when onion seedlings grow to four true leaves, plant height 20-25 cm, leaf sheath diameter 6-7 mm can be planted.

Fifth, timely planting

Planting should be transplanted according to the size of onion seedlings so that their growth is consistent, and large seedlings with a sheath diameter of more than 8 mm and weak seedlings and diseased seedlings with a diameter of less than 3 mm are excluded. Colonization is generally completed from the end of October to the beginning of November, and requires daily average temperature to be planted at 4°C-5°C. Since it takes about 30 days for the onion to recover from colonization, it is imperative that the roots of the onion grow and develop well before the onset of the cold, preventing the soil from freezing and rooting and causing dead seedlings. Planting density requires a row spacing of 20 cm, a spacing of 15 cm, and the depth of planting is not to bury a pentageminal strand. After planting watering, to promote the survival of onion seedlings, avoid flood irrigation, resulting in soil compaction, is not conducive to rapid recovery of onion growth.


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