Poplar cutting cutting technique

First, the choice of nursery land and site preparation nursery must be fertile, moist, and well-drained soils, not suitable for land that is barren and water stagnant. The nursery must be located in a convenient place for irrigation to ensure that it can be watered at any time. Before the cuttings, the nursery must be leveled and fine-grained so as to avoid drought at high altitudes and low water at the time of irrigation, resulting in irregular seedlings. Second, the quality of planted strips is an important intrinsic factor affecting the survival rate. The cuttings should be selected from the one-year-old seedlings as seed strips. The strips should grow robustly, have no pests and diseases, and have a good degree of lignification. When planting in winter, it should be planted in a false sulcus. The sham is 100 cm deep and 60 cm wide. When the seedlings are to be cultivated in the spring of the second year, the cuttings will be cut before excavation. Third, cuttings Cutting length is about 15 cm, 1 cm away from the top to have a bud. IV. Handling of Cuttings When immersed in water, a 1-meter-deep pit may be dug next to the irrigation water. After the water is filled, the cuttings will be immersed and the water will be leaked and then discharged. Cuttings soaked in water can not only make them absorb enough water, but also can remove the rooting inhibitors in cuttings, which has obvious effect on improving the survival rate of cuttings. It is especially important to soak in water from the field. The immersion time is preferably 24 hours. V. Cutting time The spring soil can be cut after thawing. Early intervention at the right time is good for improving the survival rate. Sixth, the cutting method The cuttings are inserted in the seedbed. Never put the cuttings upside down when cutting. When the cuttings are inserted, the cuttings at the base of the cuttings, the middle and the top cuttings are cut separately. This will allow seedlings to grow neatly and avoid bullying. Immediately after cutting, water must be irrigated to allow the cuttings to bind tightly to the soil so that the cuttings have sufficient moisture to absorb. 7. Cutting density Poplar cutting density is generally about 4,000 per acre. Row spacing is determined according to the method of cultivation of the nursery. To cultivate two-year-old seedlings, the cutting density can be changed on its own. Eight, tending management 1. Irrigation Poplar cuttings sprout, the nutrients contained in the cuttings themselves and the lower incision from the soil to absorb water to maintain life and growth. After entering the rooting stage, the young leaves grow on the top of the seedlings, and the seedlings begin to grow truly. The seedling rooting period lasts until mid-May. The temperature keeps rising during this period. The water consumption of seedlings gradually increases. At this time, once the supply of water is insufficient, the water dynamics of the seedlings are out of balance, and wilting will occur until death. Therefore, the key to managing this period of time is to ensure the supply of moisture. 2, wipe buds grow after the emergence of lateral branches, you need to wipe buds. When the collaterals are tender, they should be removed by hand. If they are lignified, they should be cut off. The first time, the buds should be late. Generally, the height of the seedlings begins to reach 40 cm. The purpose is to make the roots of the seedlings obtain the nutrients provided by the early lateral branch photosynthesis and allow normal growth and development. 3, top dressing nursery topdressing generally about 50 kg of urea per acre, while according to the soil conditions increase a certain amount of phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer. Top dressing is generally performed three times in late May, mid-June and mid-July. 4, pest control in the development of poplar cultivation. We must attach importance to the prevention and control of diseases and comprehensively implement the principle of "prevention first, comprehensive treatment" based on cultivation techniques.

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