Post-snow greenhouse vegetable management measures

Precautionary measures During low temperature treatment during germination. During seed germination, according to the lowest temperature that different vegetables can bear after the seeds germinate, low temperature treatment can greatly improve the cold resistance of vegetables in deep winter season. Grafting for roots. By changing the roots, the cold-resistance of the root system can be greatly improved and the hazards of disaster weather can be avoided. Add organic fertilizer. It can make the heat capacity of the soil, buffering the cooling brought about by the loss of heat from the cloudy days, and it can also promote the ability of the root system to improve cold resistance. Reasonable water use. It is very important to control the water moderately before winter to reduce the relative humidity of the indoor air, and at the same time, to create an environmental condition where the bottom is damp and the topsoil is dry. Process management continued to cover the snow blankets. Even when the snow is not cloudy, cover the grass and fight for precious scattered light. Cover for an hour earlier than the sunny expo. Temperature reduction management. In the case of cloudy days, the photosynthesis of vegetable crops is very weak, and the photosynthetic products synthesized are few. In order to reduce respiratory consumption, the temperature must be lowered. At night, it is usually 2°C~3°C lower than sunny days. Ventilate at noon. In the case of continuous overcast snow days, respiratory consumption is greater than photosynthesis, and greenhouse gases will accumulate a large amount of harmful gases such as CO2. Therefore, in three days or more during cloudy days, top winds should be released for 1 to 2 hours at noon. After sunny days, management continued to be cloudy for many days. Once it was clear and the grass was uncovered, the temperature at room temperature quickly increased, and the transpiration of the leaves of vegetables suddenly increased, while the ground temperature was low, the root activity was still weak, and the water was evaporated. Without supplementation, the leaves will soon appear wilting. Immediately lay down the grasshoppers, reopen them and uncover them. After several iterations and no longer wilting, uncover all the grasshoppers. Generally only three days later can really be assured.

Ganoderma Capsule

Ganoderma capsule (Reishi capsule/Lingzhi capsule) is made of USDA certified organic Ganoderma Lucidum spore powder. The Ganoderma used for this product is 100% organic and comes from our self-built Ganoderma farm, which has acquired 4 organic certificates from China, Japan, the US and the EU. During the cultivation process, not any pesticide, herbicide, or chemical fertilizer was used at all. The capsule shell we used is called Vcap vegetable capsule shell which is made of 100% plant fiber and is more stable and safer compared to regular gelatin capsule. GanoHerb guarantees that all of our product do not contain any additive, hormone, or chemically synthesized matter.

Ganoderma Capsule

The Ganoderma spore powder inside the capsule is rich in Ganoderma Lucidum polysaccharides and triterpenes, which help enhance overall immunity, preventing diseases and infections. In order to make the nutrients inside can be easily absorbed by human body and prevent oxidation at the same time, we use a patented technology called low temperature physical shell-breaking technology to break the cell wall of the spore powder. The wall-broken rate can reach as high as 99.5%.

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Reishi capsule are easy to carry and use. Simply consume it with warm water. The recommended dosage is 2 times a day and 3-4 capsules each time. It is suitable for all people especially people with low immunity and under high pressure.


Ganoderma lucidum spore oil softgel (Reishi Mushroom spore oil softgel) uses organic shell-broken Ganoderma spore powder as ingredients, combined with our patented supercritical CO2 extraction technology, making it the ultimate Ganoderma dietary supplement product on the market with the highest purity.

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Ganoderma Capsule

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