Potato potato chips price increases in disguise

Recently, price increases have become a common melody for many agricultural and sideline products. The original obscure potato was sold at 1.2 yuan/kg at the same time last year. The retail price of potatoes has risen to more than 2 yuan this year. The reporter recently found out during an interview in the provincial market. Affected by the price increase of potatoes, potato chips, which are used as the main raw material, also play a role in reducing weight.

Yesterday morning, a reporter of a large supermarket in Lishan Road, the provincial capital, discovered that 120 grams of canned potato chips in a certain brand had already been quietly turned into 110 grams. The reporter saw the outer packaging of the potato chips. The production date shows that the product is recent produce. Subsequently, the reporter tried to contact the brand through the brand's consumer hotline, but it has been temporarily unable to answer the state. In another supermarket, the reporter saw that some brands of cans also played a thin card, but the weight of bagged potato chips on the shelves did not shrink, the supermarket salesman told reporters that due to rising costs, many Businesses have started to make a fuss about the weight of their products. It has been a matter of a few months before the chips have been slimmed down.

In the interview, the reporter found that only a small 10 grams of thin body did not cause consumers to detect, a Miss Liu busy shopping in the supermarket told reporters: "I usually buy potato chips are only concerned about the price and the date of production, weight reduction also Really did not pay too much attention.” But there are also many buyers said that as long as the potato chips are not too large, they will not cause much impact.

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