Pregnancy prevention and solutions for female rabbits

How can we prevent dystocia?
1, early production and timely breeding. The first mating age of the female rabbit is about 5.5 months of age, and the weight is about 2.75 kg. If the age of first birth, weight is too high, too heavy, the difficult birth rate of the first-born female rabbits tends to increase.
2, female rabbits provide appropriate nutrition during pregnancy. Some farmers have a misunderstanding: If a rabbit is considered pregnant, the more it is fed, the better, and the higher the feed nutrient, the better. Actually, according to the Raising Rabbit Research Laboratory of the Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, “rabbit breeding standard and pre In the “mixed material” research, it was found that for pregnant females, feed nutrition levels were low energy (10.47 MJ/kg), medium protein levels (17.5% crude protein), limiting feeding (170 g/day) The litter size was highest in the litter and no dystocia was found. With the use of high-energy, high-protein nutrition, the number of litters decreased, and the incidence of childbirth disorders was high. Because the high-energy, high-protein causes the fetus to be too large, occupy the uterine space, cause the stillbirth to increase, at the same time the fetus is too big, the risk of having difficulty increasing is increased. However, if the confinement of the pregnant female rabbit is too weak, it may easily cause dystocia due to insufficient productivity. Therefore, in the production according to the female rabbit's body condition, adjust the amount of feeding, maintain 7-80% of sensation on it, and after the delivery and then gradually increase the amount of feeding.
3, fetal position is not correct. Dystocia may also be caused by fetal position, fetal orientation, and malposition.

How to deal with dystocia?
1, should be on duty before and after childbirth, in case of accidental.
2. Keep the environment quiet during childbirth.
3. When difficulties are encountered, according to the reasons and nature, appropriate measures for midwifery should be taken. Insufficient productivity, can use oxytocin, with abdominal massage midwifery; urine production is invalid or due to pelvic stenosis and excessive fetal head, fetal position, fetal orientation, malposition can not be produced, can be partially disinfected, into the birth canal injection temperature Soap water, hand correction of the fetal position, fetal orientation, the potential to pull out the puppies. Pull out the difficulty, caesarean section should be taken.


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