Prevent winter shoots from ensuring flower bud differentiation of litchi

December is an important period for flower bud differentiation in litchi, and it is also a period in which litchi flowering is easily problematic. In addition to the March infrared, the mature branches of Litchi are generally stimulated by low temperature and drought conditions in December to fully perform flower bud differentiation. If winter shoots are extracted during this period, flower bud differentiation will be affected and flowering will be difficult. In mid-December and mid-December, it is a period of transition from high temperature to low temperature. This period often occurs repeatedly with high temperatures, which can easily lead to repeated shoots of litchi, which is not conducive to flower bud differentiation. Therefore, we must pay close attention to changes in the results of the mother branch and the weather, and take measures to prevent pumping the winter shoots to ensure the differentiation of litchi flower buds.
First, prepare to extract the characteristics of winter shoots. Litchi As a result of flower bud differentiation in the mother shoot, the top bud turns dark, the leaf luster is reduced, and the leaves are white. The leaf surface is covered with a layer of dust. If the result is that the mother tree is matured for too long, encounters a high temperature for a long time, or the rainfall increases the humidity of the soil and air, the leaves appear “green”, and even the top buds start to turn green, and the winter shoots may be drawn out. If the result is such a feature of the mother branch, measures should be taken to prevent it from falling in winter.
Second, measures to prevent pumping winter shoots. To prevent the emergence of winter shoots according to different weather changes, different types of shoots, in different periods to take different measures to deal with, not only to control the winter shoots, to promote flower bud differentiation, but also to prevent excessive control of the flower spikes.
1. Remove weeds and fallen leaves from tree trays, speed up the evaporation of water from the soil in the tree tray, reduce the humidity, and suppress the withdrawal of winter shoots.
2, all shoots are old mature trees, spray control tip shooter should be sprayed in early December a control shoot drugs, control shoot drugs should choose dormant hormone and paclobutrazol, vigor may increase the amount of ethephon, to fight for Control was not activated until January.
3, has been sprayed once control shoot drugs, midway leaves "green", and even the top buds began to turn green, depending on time and weather to take flexible measures to control. For example, if dormant re-spraying can be done before mid-December, when the rainfall is high, a loop can be used to suppress the winter shoots. For example, in the middle or late December, it is better to use ethephon control, because ethephon disappears quickly to prevent excessive control.
Third, has been handling the treatment of winter shoots. In December, it is necessary to ensure that the results are mature and that the early-stage control is not ideal to extract trees from winter shoots. It must be thoroughly treated in early December. If the shoot is still red can be used to kill drugs (such as tender shoot contact factors, shoots killing, litchi Feng yield prime, etc.) will kill shoots, shoot drugs should be appropriate to increase the amount of shoots to kill more thoroughly. If the tip has turned green but it is not mature, manually remove the unripe tip. After processing the winter shoots, these trees were included in the category of "old shoots are still spraying control shoots", according to the "second" point of the above "2" prevent winter shoots and then hair.

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