Problems to be Paid Attention to in the Treatment of Cotton Seeds

The treatment of cotton seed is one of the key technologies to prevent seedling disease and prevent the occurrence of high seedlings. Because the existing seed processing technology can only achieve sulphuric acid velvet and selective treatment, and coating technology can not keep up, farmers often suffer from phytotoxicity due to improper operation technology (such as the type and dosage of pesticides) when the seed processing is carried out by farmers themselves, affecting emergence or The seed processing technology cannot be achieved as expected, and it is very important to master the seed processing technology. During the seed treatment, the following issues should be noted. Prepare seed preparations before seeding After the seeds have been desilted, they must be selected. The main selection is the removal of diseased seeds, alfalfa seeds, broken seeds, and small seeds. Sawn seeds can accelerate seed ripening, and sunny seeds can be dried for 2 days to 3 days. Do not expose to the ground in order to prevent injury and physiological activity of the seeds. The type of agent used was selected for the prevention of seedling disease with dexamethasone, and carbendazim was used with caution. Weifu costs more and does not advocate the use of it. In general, the cultivation of membranes with less rainfall or seedlings can be used for enemies and carbendazim; in the case of on-demand, rainy conditions, with the use of enemy cough or Weifu, such as invincible Kesong or Weifu, carbendazim should reduce the dosage, even Its not mandatory. Prevention of seedling pests can be mixed with 3911 or methyl-thiophos- phorus. For the prevention of tall seedlings, it is appropriate to use dildo-amine. The dose of dexamethasone was 0.3% of seed, carbendazim was 2.5%, and Weifu was 0.2%. The amount of 3911 or methylthiophosphorus should not be arbitrarily increased, otherwise it is easy to produce phytotoxicity, generally 0.5% of the amount of seeds is appropriate. The amount of dilute amine should take into account the variety. The varieties with stable growth at seedling stage, the amount of dilute amines should be less, and the varieties with high seedling growth and easy formation of tall seedlings, the amount of dildoamine can be appropriately increased; the varieties with stable growth at seedling stage and sensitive to dildodamine may not mix. Diclocamine is generally used in an amount not exceeding 0.04% of the seed amount. In the seed dressing method, the fungicides, the dilute amines, and the insecticides are generally mixed. Several times seed dressing operation is too much trouble, according to the following methods, can achieve better results. According to the above dosage, the proportion of 100 kg of seeds required 500 g of 3911,300 g of dextrin and 20 g to 40 g of dilute amine to be weighed. Diclocamine was first opened with a small amount of hydration. The sprayer first added 5 kg of water, then added 3911 and the dissolved dilute amine to be miscible, while spraying and turning. Spray half the liquid for the first time. After slightly drying, spray the remaining liquid. After spraying evenly, mix the enemy pine powder when the seed is wet, mix it for 24 hours and spread it to dry. It is forbidden to be exposed to the sun. Otherwise, the enemy will see the light decompose and affect the efficacy. After drying, bagging for sowing.

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