Pulling vines on tomato ropes to prevent ear breakage

Recently, when the reporter interviewed Xidaitian Village, Datian Township, Shouguang City, the vegetable farmer, Master Li, was busy arranging tomatoes in the shed. The reporter discovered that Master Li had pressed the ear under the sling while he was in the pantry. The reporter was puzzled and asked quickly: “Is it useful to use a sling to suppress the ear?” Master Li said with a smile: “Since last year, affected by the TY virus disease, the tomatoes we planted have changed into new varieties of anti-virus. Like this species I bought this year, although it is anti-virus, it has too long spikes and the weight of the fruit increases, it is very easy to break the ear and affect the yield and quality.In the past, I used the rope for the ear. One by one, although it worked well, it was time-consuming. When I went out for a visit this year, I discovered that there was such a pressure spike, and when I came back, I tried it. The effect was very good.” “What time is it better? "The reporter asked impatiently. “I usually have four fruits per panicle. Usually, I need to use two points. After I have finished one flower, I can puncture the panicles by hand. At this time, the ear is fine and soft, and it is easy to operate. Hours can no longer be spiked, at this time the degree of lignification of the ear is high, easy to break.”

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