Quality Identification of High Quality Spray Dry Plasma Protein Powder

Due to the special effects of plasma protein powder, it is gradually used in domestic high-grade sucking pig feed. It can indeed reduce the incidence of diarrhea, increase daily weight gain and improve the body resistance of suckling pigs. However, because of its high price, complicated processing technology, and shortage of supply in the current market, in China, there are more than a dozen raw materials for plasma protein powder, large and small, and there are few fishes, but there are only a handful of truly outstanding manufacturers. There is a large variation in quality, and there is even a possibility of adulteration. The following common mistakes are explained one by one:
1. Water solubility analysis: Since the real high-quality plasma protein powder is made by pure plasma spray drying, it should be 100% water-soluble, water-soluble and water-soluble. The solution is pale yellow and completely clear. Solution. Low-quality plasma protein powders are often added with soy protein isolates or protein extracts, or plasma cell membranes are not completely separated, although the plasma protein content can be increased, but the water solubility is poor, the water-soluble rate is very slow, and visible water-soluble Afterwards there is too much insoluble matter floating above or deposited at the bottom.
2, look at the appearance of the analysis: First, a lot of manufacturers due to plasma and blood cell separation is not complete (or maliciously reduce the cost of plasma protein) and therefore the performance of plasma protein powder color was reddish, due to the blood cell mixed in plasma protein powder, plasma protein The protein content of the flour increases, but the yield increases, but its value is greatly reduced, but the manufacturer's recovery rate is increased, so the cost decreases; the second is the use of water-soluble test identification, the product mixed with blood globulins its solution is red, and insoluble The substance exists in water. The appearance of a true high quality pure plasma protein powder after water solubility should be a clear, light yellow complete solution.
3, amino acid analysis: amino acid expensive balance, to analyze the total amino acid content and whether the balance to identify.
4. Crude Protein Analysis: Imported plasma protein powder, due to the addition of special processes such as ash removal process and reverse osmosis concentration in its production process, increases the protein content (content reaches 76%-82%), resulting in a lower recovery rate. The relative quality is better, the value is higher, and it belongs to high-end quality goods. Only one (XF-77) domestic process can reach this level. In addition to this process, the domestic manufacturer's protein content is more than 70-75% more than this protein content, should be combined with water solubility and appearance to determine whether to add other protein substances. The protein content of low-quality plasma protein powder is usually less than 72%. Excessively high ash content, such as more than 14%. The high crude protein alone does not explain the problem (hemagglutinin may be mixed in) and should be identified in combination with product appearance, ash content, and water solubility.
5, protein denaturation analysis: protein through the spray drying instant high temperature, whether the degeneration has been the focus of domestic animal nutritionists and professional piglet feed manufacturers, in general, the general high temperature will not only lead to protein denaturation, but also make Special active proteins lose their activity as immunoglobulins. Here is a simple way to identify: Take a sample and add the appropriate amount of water in a constant temperature box and wait for 10-15 minutes at 100°C. The high-quality plasma protein powder should be solidified and the solidified body color is always free of any impurity stains; Low-quality plasma protein powders may appear in different colors or have spots on the color or have brown components in the color (hybrid hemoglobin and impurity components).
6. Determination of immunoglobulin content: Although there are no uniform industry regulations in the feed industry for the determination of domestic immunoglobulin content, there are visions. Relatively strict quality manufacturers generally issue two copies (only two Only with a stable sense of contrast) has a meaningful test report.
To sum up: high-quality spray-dried plasma protein powder should be combined with the above six information for comprehensive analysis and consideration.

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