Reasons for the failure of raising jaundice

Indiscriminate purchase of so-called artificially cultivated seed or other so-called high-quality seed that many farmers purchase in the field is in fact the collection of wild seed, and these seedlings are not scientifically operated due to temporary maintenance and multi-linkage storage and transportation. The mortality rate after repurchase is between 90% and 100%. Therefore, when purchasing the seed, it must be carefully examined and identified. For artificially cultivated jaundice, seedlings should be purchased locally.

Unless the variety is viewed from the outside, the yellow peony has dark yellow large spots, large spots of red soil, light yellow spots, and fine spots of greenish gray. The growth rate of the first two species is faster and can be cultivated artificially.

The size of polyculture in the same pool in the size of polyculture, small crickets did not dare to struggle to lead to physical weakness or even death. Insufficient feeding will cause the euphorbia to swallow the embarrassment. Therefore, the total production of ponds at the time of polyculture is relatively low.

The water in the pool is too deep and the body of the yellow toad has no flaws and can't float freely in different water layers. If the pool water is too deep, the yellow toad needs to swim to the surface frequently to breathe and consume a lot of physical energy, which affects its growth. Therefore, the water depth of the pond should be 5 to 10 cm, and the cages should be filled with the entire cage to provide good habitat and breathing conditions for the yellow locust.

Dianchi Shi manure fertilizer pool water less, Shi manure is very easy to damage the water quality, induced disease.

Ignoring the cultivation of plants and aquatic plants can purify water quality, and reduce the temperature of the astragalus. It is impossible to create a good ecological environment for Dianchi without plants, and it is difficult to achieve high yield and high efficiency for breeding of astragalus.

Some vegan and vegetarian farmers use wheat bran, rapeseed cake, bean dregs, rice, green vegetables and other vegetarian foods to feed yellow buckwheat, these substances can not meet the needs of the Huangqi life activities of nutrition, not to mention growth and weight gain, a long time causing jaundice gradually thin and disease death. Animal feed or full-priced compound feed should be fed.

Feeds fed with Astragalus mongolicus frequently should have a certain degree of stability, and sudden or frequent refueling, jaundice is difficult to adapt and refuse to eat, will affect the normal production growth.

Bale net is a kind of plastic woven net which is used for silage bale, grass bale,  hay packing, etc. Bale net is fast becoming an attractive alternative to twine for the wrapping of hay bales.

Bale net is made by the machine with the cross stitch. About raw material, bale net is made of high density polyethylene which is environmental friendly, can meet resistance requirement of the ultraviolet intensity both in Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and is suitable for all crops under all conditions.

Bale net is usually made by rolls for its convenient to put into the Bale Machine. The machine can pack the hay with bale net only, and also can pack the hay first with bale net, then pack with plastic Silage Wrap outside.

The tension of each thread of the bale net is not less than 60N (6.12KG or 13.5pounds). In each roll, the last 450 feet have 4 inches width cordon, which can remind worker to prepare the new roll in advance.


Specifications of Bale Net:

Width of bale net: 1.23m, 1.25m, 1.28m, 1.3m, 1.5m, other size can be customized.

Length of bale net: 2000m, 3000m, 3600m, other size can be customized.

Inner Core: paper core.

G/M2: 8G/M2, 9G/M2, 9.5G/M2, 10G/M2, etc.

Inner Core Size: 3``/76mm.

Color of Bale Net: White, Green edge, Blue edge, Red edge, other colors can be customized.

Package: Bale net rolls are usually packed on pallets. The pallet size can be 1.2*1.0m, 1.1*1.1m, or other size. Bale net is stacked one by one on the pallet, and then fastened by packing belt to make them stable.


Bale Net Wrap

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