Rey rabbits in summer feeding management

Rabbits have the saying "winter is easy, summer is difficult to raise", the same is true for rabbits. Because the sweat glands of the rex rabbits are very underdeveloped, in the summer season when the temperature is high and the humidity is high, the appetite due to heat often causes a loss of appetite and the disease resistance is reduced, resulting in death. Therefore, it is of great significance to do a good job of keeping rabbits in summer and promote their healthy growth. First, in the production of excellent varieties, good varieties have the advantages of strong disease resistance, rapid growth and development, wide adaptability, and high skin and flesh yield. Therefore, there should be a sufficient number of high-quality rabbits in rabbit farms to carry out self-cultivation and self-cultivation, which can effectively control the introduction of pathogens and prevent newly purchased rabbits from generating stress due to environmental mutations, resulting in growth stagnation. If it is necessary to purchase, it must be observed for more than half a month after feeding, and after confirming that there is no disease and adapting to the environment, mixed feeding can be conducted. Second, to create a good breeding conditions The first is to keep the rabbit house clean and hygienic. Rex rabbits love to be clean and afraid of humidity. The rabbit house should always be kept clean and dry and sanitation, and the ground, cages, utensils and sports grounds should be disinfected regularly to eliminate pathogens in the environment. Can be used 0.2% ~ 0.5% formalin solution, 1% ~ 2% of fire alkali water, 10% lime water or plant ash spray disinfection. The second is to keep the environment quiet. Rex rabbits are scared and scared. Do not change keepers frequently in management. Do not easily catch rabbits. Outsiders should generally not enter rabbit farms to keep the environment quiet. At the same time, attention should be paid to the invasion and harassment of animals such as dogs, cats, rats, snakes, etc. in order to prevent the bite of rabbits from biting and causing stress response in rabbits. Third, the rabbit house can effectively cool down. Open air rabbit farms should use a pergola, or plant vines such as loofah and gourd to shade and avoid direct sunlight. In the roof of the rabbit house can be covered with a layer of 10 ~ 15Cm thick straw or wheat straw, sprinkled with cold water, and keep it moist for a long time, can prevent a lot of heat into the homes. When the temperature is too high, cool water should be splashed on the ground and sports grounds to increase evaporative heat dissipation, and ventilation should be strengthened to reduce the adverse effects of high temperature on rabbits. Third, the correct feeding method Rex rabbits with high capillary density, airtight skin, no sweat glands on the surface, the summer temperature rises above 30 degrees, it is prone to stress reactions, therefore, the summer feeding rabbits must pay attention to the following technical problems: 1. Reasonably feed. Summer rabbit feed must be slightly lower than standard energy, and the protein is slightly higher than standard feed. Therefore, in the ingredients should pay attention to a reasonable match. Feeding time is chosen at a time when the temperature is lower in the morning and evening so as to increase the feed intake of the rex rabbits while ensuring that clean drinking water and fresh green and juicy feed are provided. Avoid feeding unclean, dewy grass and mildewed feed. 2. Control the stocking density. In summer, rabbits are given a cage and a rabbit system. Two or three cages are not used for weaning. In the case of insufficient rabbit cages, free-range rearing can be implemented. 3. Control breeding breeding. Due to the high temperature in summer, the feed intake of rabbits is reduced, and the constitution is generally poor. Breeding should be temporarily stopped to prevent the rabbits from excessively heavy physical exertion. The female rabbits are overburdened, and the summer rabbits produced during breeding coincide with the rainy season. Not conducive to the growth and development of pups. 4. Prevent breeding deterioration. In summer, there are more rainy days. If the feed is not properly kept, mildew will easily occur, and poisoning will occur after feeding rabbits. If found in rabbit feed poisoning, should immediately stop feeding the original feed, and use 0.1% potassium permanganate solution or saline 20 to 30 ml gastric lavage, gavage 1% to 2% copper sulfate solution 10 ml vomiting, vomiting after serving Magnesium sulfate 3 ~ 10 grams, in order to reduce the detoxification. 5. Usually pay attention to add summer cooling anti-stress drugs. Add 0.5% vitamin B12, 0.5% VC, and 0.5% sodium bicarbonate to the feed; appropriate amount of Houttuynia cordata and leeks, decoction, juice and a little vinegar, sugar, rabbits to drink, can well Summer cooling, but also anti-stress effect. Fourth, timely prevention and treatment of the disease 1. Regular vaccination. Rabbit plague is a severe infectious disease that seriously jeopardizes the development of the rabbit industry. At present, there is no effective therapy and it can only be prevented by inoculating rabbit plague vaccine. 2. Regularly deworming. Coccidiosis is the most serious intestinal parasite that damages rabbits. It is a continuous rainy season in summer. It is the outbreak of coccidiosis. It often causes the death of rex rabbits. In production, 0.1% iododimethicillin can be added to the feed, and chlorophenyl hydrazine can be evenly mixed into the concentrate at a ratio of 20-30 grams per ton of feed. The feed is then fed for 7 days for prevention, and the dosage is doubled during treatment.

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