Root growth characteristics and fertilization of apple

The apple tree starts from the beginning of germination, and the roots begin to absorb. Until the end of April, root absorption can occur. The main factors that restrict the occurrence of root absorption and activity are the level of storage nutrition and the temperature of the ground. The "new year tree" has a late spring new root activity with a small amount of occurrence. Raising the storage nutrient level of the tree and using the mulch film covering method to increase the ground temperature can promote the absorption of roots in the spring as soon as possible, which is very favorable for sprouting, leaf spreading, medicine preserving and fruit setting. The “small year tree” with low storage nutrition level (the previous year was “big year”) has less absorption roots in the spring, and nutrients absorbed by the root alone are still difficult to meet the needs of the previous tree. Before and after germination, applying fertilizer outside roots can make up for the lack of storage nutrition, which is an effective way to increase fruit setting rate and promote early growth and development.

After the end of April, the amount of growth roots began to rise and reached its peak by mid-May, and it continued until the spring shoots were stopped. Trees that grow weakly and are top-dressed before the peak of hair roots can promote the growth of new shoots and restore the tree vigor. Wang Changshu needs to control the fertilizer and water, which is necessary to suppress the growth of new shoots and promote flower growth.

After the spring tip lengthened, it started from the end of May and the beginning of June until July, and it was the summer peak period for the new roots. It is the period with the largest amount of new roots and longest duration in the middle of the year. This is the flower bud differentiation period. Prosperous trees and “new year tree” are top-dressing in time to promote flower bud differentiation.

The fall of the autumn shoot in late August until the deciduous fall is the peak season for the new roots. Tree load and leaf conservation status have the greatest impact on the occurrence of new roots. Excessive leaves, early fall of leaves, and occurrence of autumn roots were significantly reduced. The occurrence of autumn roots is closely related to the storage of nutrients in the tree. Fertilization in autumn promotes the occurrence of autumn roots, which helps to increase the storage and nutrient levels of the tree.

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