Scientific Medications to Control Wheat Field Weeds in Wheat Fields

In recent years, weeds in the wheat field in our county have been heavy and spread rapidly. The main species are: thallus fragrans, bromegrass, and agrimonism. In 2007, an area of ​​6.75 million mu occurred in the whole county, and it is still expanding and spreading to prevent and treat the malignancy of wheat fields. Grass weeds must be taken seriously. The prevention and control strategy should be “predominantly in autumn, supplemented by spring extraction”, and the prevention and control technologies are first to scientifically select pesticides before they can be applied to the disease to ensure the control effect.
At present, the herbicides for controlling grass weeds on the market are mainly (1) 6.5% of aquamarine water (2) 70% of tiger water dispersant (3) 3% of Shima oil suspension. The herbicides of the three herbicides have different herbicide-killing characteristics. The 6.5% paralyzed horse water agent is effective only for A. aequalis in the grass weeds in our county, and is ineffective for the festivals of wheat and bromegrass. 70% of the water dispersants of the Mai and Aplysia have good control effects, and they have good control effects on non-grass weeds such as leeks, worms, quail, and so on, and they also have banned effects on weeds that have grown and not emerged. However, it is ineffective for the festival. The 3% Shima oil suspension has good control effect on three grass weeds, but its safety is poor, and improper use may cause injury. The general use amount shall not exceed 30 ml, the daytime temperature should be above 10°C, and the minimum nighttime temperature should not be lower than 4°C.
Prevention time: General control in the 3-4 leaves of wheat, weed 2-3 leaves when the control, my county in mid-November this year is appropriate.
Control methods: 6.5% permufu water per mu 100 ml, 70% water dispersant per mu 3-3.5 g, 3% Shima oil suspension 20-30 ml per mu 30 kg spray, when spraying Even and thoughtful, no heavy spray, no leakage. For the control of weeds in mixed wheat fields with grass weeds and broad-leaved weeds, tribenuron-methyl, dimethyl tetrachloro- or 2.4-butyl ester must be added at the same time to ensure effective control.

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