Seedling cultivation techniques

The yolk sac disappeared after 3 days of hatching from the muddy seedlings, and they were free to swim and feed. They should be transferred to nursery ponds in a timely manner (cultivation in the original tanks hatched in small ponds). 800-1000 tails per square meter. The area of ​​nursery ponds should not be too large, with 50-100 square meters being better. The pool should be digging fish, and the depth of the pool is 20-30 cm. Disinfect and clear the pond before stocking, and apply livestock organic fertilizer to cultivate food organisms. In the initial stage of stocking, only water is filled in the fish slide. After the habit of seedlings, the water is poured into the pool to the planned depth to distribute the seedlings.

Began to feed cooked egg yolk, fish meal, milk powder, soy milk and other fine baits, and after a few days use boiled bran, corn flour, wheat flour, vegetable leaves and other plant foods, and stir the fish, shrimp and snails Animal feeds are fed. Feeding 3-4 times a day, the initial feeding amount is 2%-5% of the total weight, and 8%-10% in the later period. After feeding for about 1 month on the nursery, the body is as long as 3-4 cm and the body weight is 0.4-0.5 g. When the habit of drilling mud begins, the quail can be placed in ponds, rice fields or wooden crate for feeding.

Concentrated Powder